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I love the week of Christmas.

Monday we took over 50 students and leaders from uth force ice skating in Centennial Park and then shopping at Underground Atlanta.  It was cold!  Never got out of the 20's while we were there.  Centennial Park was beautiful and Underground was an adventure.

Monday night Paige and I did our Christmas together.  We went out to eat then came home and opened Christmas presents.  I got a new hoodie, cologne, and some other cool stuff.  My big surprise for Paige this year was a Wii.   We have had a blast playing it.

Tuesday we headed down to Adel for Christmas with my family.  I love Christmas in South GA.

We have a Christmas Eve tradition.  We all go to the Shoney's breakfast buffet for breakfast.  This year they had fried bologna on it.

We came home Christmas Day and Paige's parent's came down.  We watched the West Wing and played the Wii.

I was a bum all day Friday and plan on doing the same today.

Really bummed that Christmas is over.  It went buy really fast.  No more Christmas music, no more white peppermint mochas, and no more Christmas lights.

Debating on when to take Christmas decorations down.  We usually do not do it until New Years, may do it sooner this year.

Not going to be blogging much this next week.  Going to spend the week laying out some stuff for the new year.  Laying out a personal growth, discipleship, and leadership plan.  I will blog about it next week.  Also, laying out some exciting things that are coming for Uth Force.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas week and weekend.

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Let's hit rewind. Bring back the presents and all the food and lets do it again. We had a great time with both sides of the family. I must have been a really good boy this year because Santa brought me everything I asked for. I have went into full blown bum mode today and plan on getting a lot of rest over the next few days.

It is our prayer that you had a great Christmas and got everything you needed. Now sit back and enjoy some time outside of the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. May the day after Christmas be just as enjoyable as Christmas was.

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what you were doing or thinking a year ago? five years ago? yesterday? Maybe you have thought about people that have drifted into your life and others that have made a permanent mark on your life. Or maybe you regret letting go of some relationships or something tangible that could have altered your life. These are all questions that I have been asking myself and pondering over the past couple of weeks. A year ago, I would have never guessed how different my life would be today.

My father-in-law calls these reminiscent memories "back flashes." As I am nearing my 29th birthday (February 3rd in case you were wondering), I have begun to see how God started me at point A and how he has held my hand to point B. Some days I can even see how I am going to get to point C on this journey. There are people and things in my life that were temporary and this hurts me because a part of me is void. However, there are others that have drifted into my life that will be permanent fixtures and I could not live without them.

I am learning to allow my past to challenge how I engage my present as I dream the incomprehensible for the future. As the New Year is approaching and you are beginning to ponder your past, present and future, I urge you to savor the memories, make each new day count, and DREAM BIG for your future. Don't settle with life! You have no idea how tomorrow can alter your life, so never leave room for unanswered questions, regrets, or past opportunities. What will 2009 look like for you?

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Just wanted to share a couple of random Christmas thoughts with you on this frigid Christmas eve eve eve:

Is it me or does it seem like when you were a kid Christmas would never get here and then as an adult it comes and goes in a blur?

You've got to have some Christmas traditions in your family. We had a couple when I was growing up, and Paige and I have a few of our own.

Christmas lights still take my breath away, I love to see houses and yards go all out on their decorations. It is one of the only things that make me feel like a little kid again.

For some reason Christmas music never gets old to me. The more I listen, the more it seems like Christmas. I never get tired of Christmas music

One of my favorite things to do during the Holidays is watch Christmas movies. I have only got to watch around 10 this year but plan on getting in around 5 this week.

The one thing I have learned through the years is the more people you spend Christmas with the better.

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It has been an extremely busy seven days. The temperature has been well above normal. The mutual feeling of several that I have talked to is that it just does not "feel" like Christmas. That is statement is okay, if Christmas is only about feelings, the weather or my schedule. If Christmas was all about our surroundings, decorations, parties, or anything else, then it would be about our feelings.

Christmas has a deeper meaning. I know we all know that, but how many of us remember that. I think we sometimes get caught up in the lights and hustle and bustle of this time of year and we do not honor what it is really all about.

I want you to go and read Luke 2 this week. I want you to sit in a quiet place and reflect on why we do what we do at this time of year. This week, do not get caught up in the presents and commercialism of this season and truly celebrate Christmas. The meaning of it has nothing to do with our feelings.

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Is it me or is there anybody else struggling with Christmas Spirit this year?

We had Christmas with Paige's family last night up in Calhoun.  Great time.

My parents are coming into town this afternoon.  Really looking forward to hanging out with them.

If you have not heard by now, The Blizzard was a huge success.  Over 100 students and 11 commitments to Christ.  Awesome night.

Stephanie came down for the Blizzard.  Meant the world to me that she was there for the big night.

Excited about ice skating in Centennial Park Monday and shopping at Underground Atlanta on Monday with Uth Force.  It is going to be a fun day.

Some staff member at the church wrote our Christmas production this year.  They have been working on it for several months.  I am excited to see how it turns out.

I got Paige a BIG surprise for Christmas.  I can not wait until I can give it to her.

Really looking forward to some time for after Christmas.  It will give me a chance to relax, collect my thoughts, and get ready for the new year.

We are heading down to Adel on Tuesday.  I love Christmas with my family.  We have a couple of traditions that I look forward to.

Probably not going to blog as much this week so just check back every couple of days.

Hope you have a good weekend and a Merry Christmas.

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This Wednesday, we pulled off a HUGE service with Uth Force. It might be one the biggest ones we have ever done. I posted pictures here and here if you haven't seen them yet. God used this event to teach me and stretch me. I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you.

Go big or go home - When we started dreaming for this night, we started dreaming BIG. I heard a bunch of excuses in my head why we shouldn't try to pull off a big event. We have only been here for two months. We only started with a base of 30-35 students. We should work on building a relational foundation. It is the holidays. Attendance is off because of exam week. If you are going to make an impact or a difference in this world, you are going to have to take risks.

There is no substitute for excellence - We said from the onset of this event that the main goal was to see lives changed but secondly we wanted it to be a really cool night. We worked really hard at trying not to substitute anything or let any small detail slip through the cracks. We even made sure the students took home a token or souvenir to remember the night by. We designed our own labels and put them on tubes of chap stick.

Come off the top rope - A really wise man once told me that you have to go over the top every now and then. We thought and meditated on that for weeks. It was not good enough to just build an ice wall. It was not good enough that we put out 20 pounds of cotton stuffing that really looked like snow, it was not good enough that we cut down pine trees and sprayed them with artificial snow. We went and bought a snow machine. When it started snowing, the students went nuts and that made it all worth it.

It is not about the event - The event was important, the event is what we planned and worked on, but the night was not about the event. It was about the students. It was about the relationships that were built. It was about the lives that were changed. That is why we did what we did.

If you are going to make an impact, you are going to come under attack - This is something that I had forgotten. When advancing you are going to meet resistance. When working at changing the world you are going to upset the apple cart. I was reminded in the last week that there is a war going on for the souls of this generation. You might not see it, you may not know it is there, but it is. I was reminded this week that this is not a war for the popular but for the passionate.

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My favorite song of Christmas is "Little Drummer Boy." I love almost any version of this song, because the words always challenge me. I guess I identify with the Little Drummer Boy in several ways. He is a musician like me and in the grand scheme of things he had little to give the newborn King. When you think about the birth of Christ, there are so many absurdities according to our societal norms. Our society would tell you that the wise men took the best gifts, because the gold, frankincense and myrrh were expensive and valuable. I believe that the song played by the Little Drummer Boy was extraordinary and significant.

The Little Drummer Boy is extraordinary, because he gave all he had . . .himself. He did not have money or special gifts, but he was blessed with the gift of music. I am challenged each day to just give of myself more, rather than any talents, resources, words, or deeds.

The Little Drummer Boy is significant, because he connected to Jesus through his worship. He knew that his music would engage him with the Son of God. In spite of the circumstances that did not befit a king, his intense heart-felt song was adoration that could not be silenced. It was a declaration of his relationship with Jesus. I am challenged, especially in this season of my life, to make each day count. I want to connect with Jesus through my worship and I want my life to be an undeniable symbol of my adoration.

Are you searching for something other than normalcy? Are you looking for significance? I challenge you to look deep within yourself and evaluate what you bring to Jesus each day. Do you give him all of yourself and worship from a heart of deep adoration?

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My Dad used to tell me, "If I would have known then, what I know now, I would have changed some things." I do not disagree with my Dad and I am not sure he really meant it. I am glad I can not go back and change anything. I am glad I did not know the outcome. I find myself glad when I face challenging times, glad to feel pain, glad to meet opposition. I might not like it at the time, but it is what makes me who I am today.

If I would have known, if I could have taken a glimpse into the future, I would not have had the adventures that I have. I would not be able to carry the battle scars on my heart like a trophy case. I would not know that above all else God trusts me. He trusts me to do the hard things, stand in the tough places.

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Jeremiah 12:5, "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?"

This is a scripture that I am chewing. It is a scripture that is driving me this week. As much as I have going on externally, there is twice as much going on internally. I still can not settle, I still can not stop. I will not give up, give in, or give myself away.

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Over the last week I have found myself looking back a lot. Walking down memory lane and asking a lot of questions. I find myself standing in a new season and not begrudging being here but missing some of the people and times that have been apart of my life. I guess it is because we are gearing up for a big event or it might be the Holidays. It is not necessarily a bad thing to reminisce, I just do not need to stay here long. There are some issues with always looking back.

You can never see your future if you are only looking at your past. Where you have been is not as important as where you are going. Sometimes we hold on so tightly to what has been, that we are not open to what is going to be. You can never have anything new unless you allow God to take away the old. You have to lay down the past so He can not hand you your future.

If all you have to accomplish has been accomplished, then retire and move to the beach or the mountains. If not, shut up and move on, there is more stuff that needs to be done. I struggle with the people that talk more about what they have done then what they are doing. There are more people left to reach, serve, pour into, and love on. What about them? Are they not as important as the people in your past?

The past is only a foundation that the future can be built upon. It might not always be pretty but it is solid. I have always lived with the statement that what does not kill you, will always make you stronger. Everything that you walk through is to build you up, whether it is a challenge or not. Everywhere you have been is to prepare you for where you are going. The past is good but we just can not live there.

I challenge you today to live in today. Celebrate your past but make sure you are embracing your present and gearing towards your future.

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This week I am going to be totally engrossed with our first big theme night service at Uth Force.  Usually most ministries coast through the Holidays, but we decided to challenge the normal (no pun intended) this year.  Why not push to have one of the biggest months yet?  The "Unbelievable" series has been one of the coolest series to date and we will end in with The Blizzard of 2008.

What is the Blizzard of 2008?  Glad you asked.  We are going all in on one night.  We are decorating the stage in such a way that it looks like a snow storm blew through.  We have even went out of purchased a snow machine to be making flurries through out the night.  The thermostat will be turn down and we have encouraged the students to dress warm.  500 invite cards have been passed out.  There will be free pizza and drinks for every student along with some other give-a-ways.

This week is going to be crazy, but in the end it is going to be worth it.  Pray for us!

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Is it me, or does it seem like it was just Monday?

Happy Birthday to Jordan Hedgecoth, she is my Pastors daughter and she turns 14 today.

Tonight we are getting to celebrate Christmas with the Graves family.  This is one of my favorite families in the world.  I am looking forward to hanging out with them.  Barbara is one the best cooks ever, but I am looking forward to the company more than the food.

Last night Paige and I had a date night.  Sad to say that it is the first one in over a month.  We watched a movie and done some Christmas shopping.  We had a blast.

I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit.  Going to try to shop for Paige some next, that should help.

Really missing Justin, Renae, and some of the old Echo crew this week.  I am very happy where God has placed us, just missing some old times.

The Blizzard is 4 days away!  The give-a-ways are ready, the snow machine is in, the banners have been printed, I wish it was tomorrow.  This is going to be one of the biggest Youth Services I have ever been a part of.

This week I have been in awe at God's Hand in my life.  Where He has placed me, who He has put in my life, what He has called me to do.  It really scares me sometimes.

Got a leader's meeting tomorrow night.  Really looking forward it.  Love to get together with Uth Force Leader's and dreaming.

I'm out!  Hope you are having a good weekend.

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Today I am declaring a mental health day.  What is that?  Glad you asked!  A mental health day is simply a day where I refuse to do anything ministry related.  Anything that would take a lot of thought.  I am going to try to disconnect a little bit.  Twitter less, stay off of Facebook, and keep my phone on silent.

I plan of working in the yards until mid afternoon.  This is a great way for me to clear my mind and listen to some podcasts that I am behind on.  Then this afternoon Paige and I are heading out on a date.  Plan to do a little Christmas shopping, catch a movie, and go out to eat.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a good day.

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It has been said that you can expect an off night when the weather is rough, but no on told that to the student of Uth Force.  Proud of all the students that dressed as the favorite Christmas characters from Santa's little helpers, to reindeer, to the Ghost of Christmas present, to Hermey the elf (from Rudolph).

What we talked about
God used a teenager, Mary, to change the world, in the process He took her into unfamiliar territory.  If we are going to change the world we need to quit look for maps and manuals and begin to chart our own course as God leaders us.  Here are some signs we need to look for on this journey:

Yield to Unpaved Paths
George Bernard Shaw said, "Do not follow where the path leads.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

If you want to do what no one has ever do you have to be willing to go where no one has ever been.

Caution: Uncomfortable Environments
God is more concerned with you commitment that with your comfort.

Jesus came to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.

Unstoppable Revolution
Revolution, simply defined, is where passion meets purpose.

A revolution can only happen when the pain of staying the same become greater than the pain of change.

Upcoming Events
The Blizzard is next Wednesday night.  There will be snow, free pizza, tons of students, and much more.  Dress warm and invite a friend.

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December 22nd we will be hanging out and going ice skating in Centennial Park.  Cost is $10 and that will cover skating.  Afterwards we will be heading to Underground Atlanta for lunch and shopping.  Meet at the church at 10 a.m.

34 days until...

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Driving home tonight I kind of found myself fighting a funk.  I could not explain it.  Service was good.  Crowd was decent (cause that is how we really judge success), feel like the students were engaged, and by all of our standards God moved.  What was wrong with me?  Then it hit me.  My insecurities were getting the best of me, they were winning.  I was scared....

Scared that I would live down to everyone that ever told me I would never amount to anything.

Scared that I would over promise and under produce.

Scared that I would fail.

Scared that when we got to the end of this journey no one came with me.

Scared that I will miss the important stuff.

Scared that all my dreams are just day-dreams and not God dreams.

Scared of walking to the next level alone.

Sometimes my insecurities win.  So I will go to bed and tomorrow is a new day.  Full of new opportunities and plenty of chances to make an impact.  Tonight I will go to bed scared but tomorrow I will wake up determined.

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A rubber band has immense elasticity to endure being stretched, holding things together/serving a purpose, and can always return to its original shape. I am undergoing a process in my life much like that of a rubber band. Upon moving to Atlanta, I was not able to find a job in the education field. Thus I returned to my old life of contract work and the stretching began. It has not been an easy process at times and I have really missed teaching school. However, I understand that I have been in a holding pattern---the contracts served the purpose and God helped me to hold it all together. Then this last Friday God blessed me with an amazing teaching position and things have completely fallen into place. My faith is stronger than I thought possible and I am beginning to return to my original shape.

Over the process, I have feared that I would break under the pressure or not learn what my purpose has been in this season. I have often wondered if my authenticity has been altered or if I should alter myself to meet an employer's expectations. Through it all, God has reaffirmed in me that I am evolving into the Paige Gordon he has intended. I am stronger and more seasoned now than I was two months ago.

I anticipate there will be situations and people in my life who will again test my elasticity. It is my prayer that God will continue to challenge me to rise to the occasion and never lose sight of my authenticity. I want to serve my purpose to the best of my ability, but I am learning that being me is the key to life. What is God using to stretch you? Are you resisting him? Do you feel like you are losing your authenticity?

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The last couple of weeks I keep asking myself the purpose of this blog.  Somewhere I think I lost perspective of why I started blogging over a year ago.  At some point I guess I was trying to impress someone or get someone's attention.  I thought blogging would put me at some special level of ministry.  It became more about how many hits a day my blog got instead of just being who I was and doing what I do.

I started blogging to be real.  To have a place to share my thoughts, to chronicle my journey through life and ministry.  My blog was a sort of online journal.  A place for me to be transparent and real.

That being said, I am going to work harder at just being me.  If you read this blog on a regular basis I want to say thank you.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, ministry, and life with you.  Thank you for challenging  normal with me.   Thank you for letting me be real and transparent, but most of all thank you for letting me do what no one else can do.  Be me.

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We assume things everyday of our lives. We make assumptions about people, about situations, about circumstances, decisions, so forth and so on. Assumptions are never a good thing. My dad says that when you assume something you look pretty stupid. Well, he says something else, but I can not write about it on my blog. Assumptions are a dangerous way to do ministry and to live. Why?

When we assume we really do not have all the information required to make a logical decision. Often times, we either jump to conclusions or are too lazy to go and find all the information ourselves. Slow down, quit jumping to conclusions, process all of the facts.

When we assume, the majority of the time, we are only seeing life from our perspective through the lens of our own experiences. To truly make a level decision, you need to see life from someone else's perspective, walk a day in someone else's shoes. How selfish are you to always think that your way is right, to think that you have all the answers? If you had the answers, then why didn't they come to you to start with?

People often time only assume the worse. They are so afraid of disappointment, failure, or rejection, they will not get their hopes up. People that refuse to get excited, are people who lack the passion to lead or get the job done. If you can not see the possibilities, if you can not be excited about where you are going on this journey called life, then you can not take anyone along with you.

Assumptions are dangerous. What assumptions are you making today that you need to change? Remember to assume only makes look stupid

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I was able to fit 5 days of work into 3 days.

Loved helping out with the Bama and Back Bike ride this week.  Watched 40+ Pastors, Youth Pastors, and leaders ride a bicycle over 100 miles and raise over $40,000 for missions.

Lots of laughs and stories came this event.  I love the friends that God has put in my life.

Very proud of Justin, he raised over $1000 on his own to ride in this event.

Paige, Stephanie, and Sharon put up the Christmas tree and decorations yesterday.  It is starting to feel more like Christmas now.

Working in the yards this afternoon.  Trying to figure out what decorations to put up out there.  Paige will not let me put an inflatable Santa on a motorcycle up.

Wednesday night was so stinking awesome.  No one wanted to leave.  

I am so excited about the Blizzard in a couple of weeks.  Will probably be one of the neatest Youth Services I have ever done.  We are going all out.

Sitting down planing out some 2009 stuff over the next couple of weeks.

National Championship Game today....oh I mean the SEC Championship Game today.  Roll Tide.  I hate the Gators.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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This is the time of year when life gets so busy and we barely have time to sleep or do anything "normal." I want to challenge you to take a minute and allow yourself to evaluate how you are spending your time during this holiday season. Are you giving all of your time to play practice or parties, or shopping for the perfect gifts? Or are you allowing yourself to embrace this season to bless others, spend time with friends and family, or even rest and enjoy the excitement of the season?

God is challenging me to do for others this Christmas in ways that I had not thought of. Share what you have with those who don't have anything. Give to the needy with your resources, your time, and your support. Reconnect with friends and family that you have been too busy to communicate with. Find at least one way to influence the lives of others during the coming weeks. Make this Christmas different from all the other Christmases.

I am going to make this year about Him and others and less about myself. After all, once the tree comes down, the presents are opened, and the big day has passed, what will remain? . . . . the lives that you and I have touched.

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What an awesome night! It made me proud to be a part of Uth Force. Not only did the room look awesome, the students did an amazing job with their redneck ghetto decorations. There was a lot of energy and excitement in the air. I believe that we will truly see the impact of tonight in the coming weeks, months, and years. There was a strong challenge laid down and the students were not afraid to pick it up. At the end of the night, everyone had the sense that something special is about to happen.

Here are some things we talked about:
We looked at the interaction between Mary and the angel as the call was given for Mary to bring the Son of God to a lost and dying world. Mary was between the ages of 14-16 and her life was pretty much planned out for her. When God stepped on the scene, her life went unscripted.

Here are some things about the unscripted life.

The call was unexpected - not only was her life planned out for her, who would expect such big things out of a teenager. God would! It is time to live our lives above expectation.

The mission was undeniable - how could she say no to the call that was before her? Yet we say no every day of our lives by the way we live and the choices we make.

Her relationships became unstable - the most important decision you will make is who you allow to influence your life.

Her worship was unquenchable - Mary's love for God overrode everything.

Upcoming Events:
There will be a cookout at our house Sunday night December 7th starting at 6 p.m. Free burgers and dogs, lots of laughs, and much more. Email or call for directions.

Next Wednesday is week 2 of the Unbelievable series and it is Christmas character night. Come dressed as your favorite Christmas character and be entered to win an itunes gift card.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
There is a snow storm hitting Stockbridge December 17th! Mark your calendars and invite your friends. This is a night you will not want to miss.

December 22nd we will be heading to Centennial Park to ice skate and then to Underground Atlanta to hang out. Cost is $10 for ice skating, so bring spending money for Underground Atlanta.

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Are there anymore new ideas.  Are we just recycling old ones and trying to improve on them?

What is more important, the question or the answer?  Too many time I settle just knowing the question and refuse to pay the price to get the answer?

Why is mediocre so inviting?  Is it because it is safe?  Is it because I am lazy?  Why do we seem to settle.

Can a person really change.  I am not talking about giving their lives to Christ and letting Him make them new.  I am talking about the root of a person, who he or she is, their personality, their emotional make up.

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Do you ever have questions that you keep asking yourself that you do not have clear answers on?  That is the season that I am in right now.  I want to share with you one of those questions that I keep asking myself.

Do I love God for who He is or for what He does for me?  If He never blessed me again would I still love Him?  If He took me down the same path as Job would the outcome be the same?  Am I just using God for a good sermon or that next big idea or would I love Him the same way if I was not in the ministry?

There is not only a hunger inside of me to be a better leader and Youth Pastor.  I am hunger to know God more.  I am striving for my private spiritual life to be bigger than my public spiritual life.  I want to be able to speak of God as David did.  I want to know that love that is better than life.

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Complacency is a word that gets thrown around a lot in religious circles. It seems to be a buzz word when talking about change and when people are trying to push their own agenda. I have been personally giving thought to what complacency is and how I define it in my own life.

Complacency occurs when we are taking in more than we are giving out. You have grown comfortable in a consumer lifestyle. This is not a healthy lifestyle. It will not be long until inactivity sets in and you find yourself miserable in your own surroundings. You will have to work twice as hard to get back on track.

Complacency occurs when your past is more inviting than your future. You believe that your best days are behind you. You begin to settle because you feel like you have nothing left to strive or work for. It is a very dangerous place in life when your memories become bigger than your dreams.

Complacency occurs when inspiration turns into a burden. When needs become a chore. When the quick fix is the only route we are willing to take to get to the solution. When it is easier to remain in the mundane of a mediocre life rather than fight against the current of normal.

How do you define complacency and how does your life fight against it?

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So Thanksgiving was good.  It was good to be with family, eat tons of awesome food, and take a break from reality.

Spent a lot of time 0n the road and that is a lot of time to think.  I really believe that December is going to be make or break for Uth Force.  It is time to take the gloves off and come out swinging.  Time to take this ride to the next level.  The break has been nice but students are still going to hell and it is time to do something about it!

December is going to be a record setting month!

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Had a great Thanksgiving week.

Ate way too much Thursday and Friday

Really missed having a Youth Service Wednesday night.  It was nice to have a break but I missed Uth Force.

Fried a couple of turkeys this week.  That is one of my favorite things to do.

It is officially the Christmas Season.  I refused to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, drink a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, or do anything else associated with Christmas until after I saw Santa Claus in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Spent a lot of time on the road the last couple of days.  I am ready to be home and return to my routine.

Had a Thanksgiving meal with my Pastor and his family this week.  Good food and lots of laugh.

I am speaking in the morning.  Very excited and very nervous as well.

Have you heard about all the violence that happened Friday for a deal at some stores.  Are you kidding me?  People please.  Can we get anymore greedy?

Going to be one of the craziest weeks of my life!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

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I want to introduce you to some of my close friends.  They not only encourage me and love me, but they also inspire and challenge me.  Let me introduce you to some awesome blogs.

Justin - this dude is one of the greatest thinkers of our times.  The way God speaks to him is really awesome. I look forward to his blogs every week.

Chris - my best friend for over 10 years.  The most creative and smartest guys I have ever met.  Please ask him to blog more.  We need what is locked up inside of his brain.

Stephanie - her passion is contagious.  I can not wait to see what God uses her to do.  She is already changing her world.

Barbara - one of the most loving encouraging people that I have ever met.  She knows just what to say and when to say.  Everyone needs a Barbara Graves in their life.

Stacie - probably one of the sharpest young ladies I know.  Keep your eye on her, she will be making a difference.

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I heard a song this morning that was my favorite when I was a teenager. As I listening to the words and reflected on my early teen years, I realized the song was not that great and neither were the words. My mind began to reflect on my teen years and how different life was then. Back then, my goals and aspirations were so different. I was a different person, unashamed of being me, but never really grasping who I was and what I was capable of.

God has begun to use my experience this morning to challenge me with some things. My past is not another world away from my present and my future. Rather, God has started a deep process in me to blend my worlds together and show me the evolution of Paige Gordon. There are dreams and goals that God has planted in me and I am in a growing process. Sure there are days when I feel like God is plucking dead leaves from me, while other days I feel like I have grown 2 feet in one day. No matter what the season looks like, the process continues.

Without even realizing it, I am beginning to live out my first "Remix." There are things from my past that have acted as a catalyst to my present. My prayer is that each day God adds new people, things, and experiences to my life. This "Remix" is going to be better than the original.

As you count your blessings this week, make sure and thank God for all those things in your past that you have forgotten or are ashamed of or you treasure. What does your "Remix" look like? Who are you becoming?

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I am thankful for the call that God has placed on my life.  I get to work with the generation that is going to change the world and I get paid to do it.  There is a passion in my heart like never before for students.  Uth Force are hands down the best students around, I can not wait to see how they are going to impact the South Atlanta area.

I am thankful for my family.  I have an awesome wife.  She puts up with way more that she has to out of me.  My Dad and Mom are some of the greatest people I know.  I thank God on a regular basis that He gave me the parents that He did.  I am truly blessed with all of my close family from my sister and brother-in-law to my father-in-law and mother-in-law.

I am thankful for my friends.  Seriously, I have the best friends in the world!  There is not a bad day that goes by that I do not get some kind of call or text of encouragement.  My friends are some of the most selfless people I know.

I am thankful for my Pastor and his family.  Pastor Steven is not only a good friend, he is an outstanding Pastor.  I know that he has my back at all times.  There is no way to put a price tag on his support and encouragement.  I can not wait to see what God does through him in this community.

I am thankful for Stockbridge Assembly of God.  I am serving at one of the best churches in the state.  They are truly a light in a dark world, from feeding the hungry to providing a place for for people to find employment and get training.  It is not the perfect church but it is the perfect church for imperfect people. 

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1. Best Youth Convention in several years.

2. I am convinced that Uth Force has some of the most awesome students and leaders in the world.

3. I learned that one of the qualifications to be a Papa John's delivery driver is to live in the basement of your mother's house and know klingon .
4. Josh Heirs and his band did a great job with worship. Mark it down, Josh will be a well-known name as a worship leader one day. Great guy with a huge heart for God and for students.

5. I love Christ Chapel's facilities. Having an in-door football field and hockey rink is a Youth Pastor's dream.

6. Great to see and talk to Youth Pastors from all over the state that I do not get a chance to see but a couple of times a year.  So glad to see and hang out with Barbara, Stephanie, and Stacie some too.  I LOVE THOSE PEOPLE!

7. Saturday morning Paige took all of our leaders to Starbucks for some chill time. I really enjoyed my time with the students. We laughed and took pictures before service started, it was really fun. The leaders enjoyed their time away as well.

8. When I woke up Saturday morning our hotel room had a funk lingering in it that would gag a maggot. I had never smelled anything like it.

9. God used something Saturday morning to solidify some thoughts, dreams, and ideas I have for the future. Strap in and hold on, it is going to be a fun ride!

10. I can not believe I get paid to do what I do. Are you serious? This is not a job, it is my life. I could not see me doing anything else. I really do want to be in Youth Ministry for many years to come.

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We are in Macon this weekend for Youth Convention

Was in an awesome service last night.  Saw a ton a students passionate for the presence of God.

I am convinced that I am the luckiest Youth Pastor in the world.  Our students rock and we have the best leaders anywhere.

This week was a blur.

Thursday I went from Stockbridge to Gainesville and back.  Then Stockbridge to Macon and back.  It was a long day.

I am so ready Thanksgivng.

Frying some turkeys this week.  One of my favorite things to do.

December is going to be awesome!  The Unbelievable Series and Blizzard is going to rock.

After we drop students off this afternoon I got to run back up to Gainesville to drop off inflatables.

Our room has a FUNK in it this morning.  Are you kidding me?  Can boys really smell this bad?

Do not have much to talk about today.  Kinda in zombie mode.

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That not all people express their love and care the same way. I need to give them the space to be different than me.

Passion should never over ride the plan. When you hear God speak and lay out a plan, STICK WITH THE PLAN! Do not get ahead of yourself or God.

If I want Uth Force to go to the next level then I have to be willing to go to the next level first. I have to pay the price spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can not lead where I have not first been.

I can not be scared of taking hits. No matter how hard I have been hit in the past, no matter how many times my clock has been cleaned, if I am going to make an impact, I am going to have a spiritual bulls-eye on my back. My attitude has to be....BRING IT!!!!!!!!!

That by being a big people pleaser that I am making people bigger than God. That at times I worship what people want instead of worship God.

Everything that happens in this season is preparation for my next season I am about to walk in to.

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Last night was another great youth service. The students of Uth Force are awesome and they really pressed through last night. I believe we are being prepared for an awesome month in December. We are all getting excited about the Blizzard of 2008, which will be our first outreach night.

This weekend is going to rock. I am excited about hanging with the Uth Force students who are going with us to Youth Convention. It is going to be a blast! We have a great group of students and leaders going with us to Macon for two blow out services.

Here are some things we talked about tonight:
This was the last week of the Mixed Signals series as we talked about narrowing the gap between what we say we believe and how we live. We looked at Peter's life in John 21, when he was frustrated and went back to fishing. We fall into the traps of mixed signals . . .

When we go back to past pursuits and re-establish old reputations-Peter found frustration in his old profession and lifestyle when he went back to fishing.

When we recognize Christ's miracles, but miss Christ the man-the disciples spent 3 1/2 years with Jesus but could not recognize him from 100 yards away. We should love Jesus for who he is not what he can do.

When we separate love for God and love for people-you show your love for God by the way we love people. The reason God does something in you is so he can do something through you for others.

Upcoming Events:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA. Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals. You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping. We will leave from the church at 4:30 p.m. on Friday and return around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

There will be a cookout and movie night at our house December 7th. The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. Free burgers and dogs. Invite a friend and see you there.

New series in December is Unbelievable, you will never look at Christmas the same.  The theme for Youth Service on December 3rd is Redneck Ghetto Christmas.  Bring your best Redneck Ghetto Christmas Decoration.

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I want to come from a very personal place this week and be transparent with some of my own issues. Currently, I teach foster parent classes for the Department of Family and Children's Services. As part of our curriculum we teach on separation, grief and loss. As my co-trainer taught, my mind wandered to my own situation in life. Through the moving process and transition in my family, I realized that I have encountered a deep separation and as a result grief. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I am in the grieving process and it is a natural part of life. God began challenging me to stop denying myself the opportunity to grieve what I have lost and those I have been separated from.

The stages of grief are very different and are not concrete. You can move forwards and backwards through the stages and even become stuck in one stage. The stages are:

  • Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
  • Anger (why is this happening to me?)
  • Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
  • Depression (I don't care anymore)
  • Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)
I am beginning to grasp that separation and grief are closely related and they do not go away. If you ignore how you feel, your emotions and thoughts will build up until you explode. I am coming to a place in my life where God is teaching me to deal with life day by day. I am learning that I am not alone in this journey of life and it is perfectly natural to feel conflict. Grief should only last for a season though and it is imperative that once the process is over and the lesson is learned, you must move on.

Are there things in your life that you are grieving? Are there issues in your life that you have not dealt with that might be causing you conflict?

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Heart over talent
I am tired of people telling me how good they are and how much they can do. I feel like when God measures a person He doesn't put the tape measure around their head to see how smart they are and He doesn't put it around their arm to see how strong they are. He places the tape measure around their heart. Man looks at the outward ability but God always looks at the heart.

Wisdom over knowledge
Education is great. The older I get, I am understanding that you can not teach wisdom, though it can be learned. The ability to know right and wrong and not only choose right but do right. The ability to meet a person and not just hear their words but see their motives. Wisdom is a precious commodity in a world that is bankrupt in understanding.

Quality over quantity
You have to be careful with this aspect of life, especially in ministry. There is a fallacy in life that bigger is always better. Not true. Ministries can be large in number and small in results. We can shift our focus from building lifelong followers of Jesus to having large churches, youth ministries, or organizations. We can be a mile high and only be an inch deep. The problem with this is that you will come crumpling down during your first storm.

Passion over experience
I do not care where you have been or what you have done, you can not teach or learn passion. Passion can be caught, it can be contagious, but there has to be a small amber burning to fan into a flame to start with. It is easier to contain a fire or keep a fire burning, than it is to light a fire.

Results over advertising
There can not be inconsistencies between your words and your actions. There can not be a gap between what you deliver and what you promise. The way you live will scream so much louder than what you say you believe. We need to quit sending mixed signals with our lives.

Understand my heart, I am not saying any of these things are bad or wrong.  I am just shifting my priorities a little.

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Last week I blogged about the people that I needed in my life and thought it would be a good idea to write about the people I do not need in my life this week.

The Whiner
- the person who is not happy with anything.  They are constantly complaining and you can never make them happy no matter what.

The User - the person that only has a friendship with you to get something from you.  They are consumers, they take take and take some more.  When they have used you all up they are done with you.

The Snot - the person that nothing is ever good enough.  They think they are better than everyone else and above everyone else as well.  They place such a high value on their life that it belittles everyone else around them. 

The Wimp - the one that is scared of a fight.  They will not stand up under opposition, or fight for a cause.  They will usually take both sides just to keep away from conflict.  The problem with these people is they do not know what they stand for themselves.

The Self-Centered - the one that thinks the entire universe revolves around them.  Every decision they make has a personal agenda.  They have not learned yet that a selfish person's world gets smaller every day.

The Passionless - the unmotivated, the one without a cause.  These are the people that will not get fired up about anything.  They are passionate about being passionless.  They usually have no direction and can not be counted on to the lead anything.

The Insane - the person that does the same thing over and over again and expects the results to be different.  They never change their methods of operation but yet expect the outcome to change.  These are the people that usually stay frustrated and annoyed.

The Narrow Minded - the person that has not changed the way they think since the 6th grade.  They will not negotiate anything in life because they do not know what their non-negotiables are.

The Flake - the ungrounded, unrooted person that thinks they have to speak to every situation or problem like they are an expert.  They refuse to take advice or wisdom from anyone else and will not be accountable either.

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So I wanted to share some blogs that I have read this week....

Barbara Graves wrote about choosing perspective here.

Mark Batterson wrote about criticism here.

Brad Cooper blogged about be comfortable with constant discomfort here.

Stop by and say hello to a friend of mine that is new to blogging here

My blog reading has slowed down some.  I have cut back to about 15 blogs that I keep up with.  I love reading what other people are doing and their perspectives of life.  What are some good blogs you have been reading lately?

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It was a busy week and next week does not look to let up.

Went and watch the new James Bond movie with Justin.  It was really good.  Awesome to hang out with him this weekend.  Miss him a lot.

Monday seems like a month ago.

Tuesday I spend the afternoon with some good friends in Macon.  We laughed and talked Youth Ministry, it was awesome.

Also Tuesday I ate at a chicken wing buffet.  Are you kidding me?  A chicken wing buffet is like a Chuck E Cheese for a fat boy.  It was awesome!

Uth Force was rocking Wednesday night.  Those guys and gals blew my mind with the way they handled God changing gears on us and responding with authenticity and transparency.

Our leaders meeting Sunday night was stinking amazing.  I walk away with so much excitement I could not sleep Sunday night.

There are some HUGE things coming for Uth Force.

December is going to be CRAZY I promise.

60 days until....

I called Thursday a marathon day!  I closed my door and turned up the music and just got so much done.   I was exhausted when I got home but it was worth it.

I love my Pastor and his family.  I am so grateful that God has called me here and bless me to work with and for some awesome people.

Youth Convention is next week and I am really excited.  Going to be a great weekend and we are carry a good group of Students.

I am so ready for Thanksgiving.

I am really excited about today.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. Youth Service tonight was not only awesome but fun. I am impressed with Uth Force students' ability to be transparent and open to God doing some deep things in our lives. At the end of the service the excitement in the air was electric as we talked about upcoming events and what is in store for us. Strap in and hold on, it is going to be a fun ride.

Here are some things we talked about:
Sometimes our past situations and problems bog us down as we try to move forward in life. Paul challenges us in Philippians to forget what is behind and press toward the mark.

When we live in the past, we life on the defensive. We have to defend ourselves against ever getting hurt or feeling pain again. We put on masks or put up walls and loose our real selves along the way.

When we live in the past, we find our identity in our pain. We are afraid if we let go, then we will not get any attention or know who we are anymore.

Upcoming Events:
Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA. Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals. You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping. We will leave from the church at 4:30 p.m. on Friday and return around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

There will be a cookout and movie night at our house December 7th. The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. Free burgers and dogs. Invite a friend and see you there.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

December is going to be rocking. Our series will be "Unbelievable" and we will have a Christmas theme every Wednesday night. Stay tuned for more details.

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I had the privilege of playing and singing at a funeral today and my mind has been ruminating ever since.  Life is so short and I take so many things for granted.  As I sat and listened to people talk about the deceased, I began to wonder what would people say about me when I am gone one day?  What legacy am I leaving?  Am I really enjoying each day or are the days just a blur in space and time?

There are so many days that I tend to fast forward through my day.  I pack too many things onto my to do list and I just make constant plans.  My life is truly going in a fast forward motion right now and I am not really sure how to stop and enjoy each day.  When I am old, I want to be remembered not for the things I did or said or even who I was, but for the people who are changed because my life affected theirs.

God is challenging me to find a happy medium between the fast paced life and stopping to enjoy life.  I need a balance in my life so that I can not only accomplish the dreams and visions God has for me, but also so I can live each day the fullest with no regrets.

Live well, Laugh often, and Love generously.  Make today count!

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The encourager - someone who always has kind things to say. Someone who will always lift your spirits no matter what. It might be with a phone call, text message, email, notes, or a smile. They have this natural instinct of knowing when you need encouragement the most.

The fan - that person that is always cheering you on no matter what. Everyone needs someone rooting for them even when you are behind in the game.

The one who is not impressed - these are the people in my life that I call when I need someone to bounce an idea off of. They are not scared to tell me that my idea is stupid or needs some improvement. They are the ones that are not scared to speak into the blind spots of your life.

The voice of wisdom - someone that has been here and done this. Someone that has taken the bumps of life so maybe you would not have to. This is not always the loudest voice in your life and you have to go and seek it out. You might even be surprised where you find it.

A Paul - a mentor, someone that God has linked you with to pour into your life. Someone to mentor you, train you, love on you, stretch you and mold you. Everyone needs a Paul in their life no matter how old or young you are.

A Timothy - someone you can pour into to. You need to be a Paul in someone else's life. Do not horde all that has been given to you. Do not be afraid to give it to someone else. You might not have all the answers but you do have something to give.

The doubter - the one that tells me I can not do it. There is something about doubters that I love. Why? Because it kicks my intensity level up. It pushes me to try even harder, work even longer, and dig in even deeper. Everytime someone tells me that I can not do something, it makes me believe that we can do it more than ever.

The true friend - that person that is always in your life. It does not matter how long it's been since you have seen them or talked to them, you can pick up right where you left off. It is that person that you can always count on to be there for you no matter what.

A lot of my friendships and relationship blend into two or three of these categories but I need them all in my life so I can move forward and accomplish what God has called me to do.

Who are the people you need in your life?

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The more I progress in life, the more I am understanding that life is about two things. Relationships and choices. Think about it. I believe that the key to being successful and the key to finding happiness is wrapped up in those two things.

Choice is a power. It is a power that is abused and taken for granted. Everyday we get up we have something special. A choice. I am not talking about choosing what we are going to eat for breakfast, choosing what to wear, or where to get coffee from. I am talking about choosing life. Embrace the day. Make the most out of everything that God has given us. Weighing all the options and making good choices. I believe that the power of choice is the most powerful thing in the world today.

Relationships are the key to life. I have heard all of my life, "show me your five closest friends and I will show you your future." Nothing will determine your destiny more than the people you do life with. The only thing that will carry with you into eternity is relationships.

So what choices are you making and what relationships are you embracing?

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Have you ever had one of those days where motivation is hard to come by? I do not necessarily have a bad attitude today or anything, I am just frustrated about some things. Is it okay if I rant and vent a little bit?

Here are some things I do not understand....

Why people try to make God more like them instead of trying to be more like God? Doesn't that bring God down to our level and make Him small.

Why people say they are "called" of God or "live" for God but never change the way they live? Doesn't that defeat the purpose. You can not carry out God's agenda and your own, it will never work.

How can people be a disposable commodity to other people? How can you just cut someone out of your life when you do not need them anymore or they can not do something for you anymore? I understand growing apart but using someone until you get what you need out of them, that is a different story.

Why people see a train wreck coming and stay on the tracks? People refuse to listen to people when they are trying to give them solid wisdom to help them out. The sad part is the people that try to help usually get run over by the train.

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What a great weekend, it went by way to fast.

Really enjoyed my bike ride to the mountains. Got some rest, did a lot of thinking and brainstorming. Heard God keep reminding me to "stick with the plan."

Posted a few pics from the ride on my last post. Some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in the mountains.

Week went by really fast because of my trip.

Have our fist Leader's Meeting tonight. I am so excited to share ideas and vision. Got a lot to do between now and then.

Wednesday night was really cool. Had a different feel to it, but was good.

The election feels like a lifetime ago. A lot of people have been rocked by the results. Do they thing God is that small or has never been in control. He is not caught by surprise.

I am really shocked at how fast it all happened Tuesday night. I was thinking that it was going to take a couple of days.

Met with a friend on Tuesday to plan our annual Broomball night in January. Should be a blast.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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This weekend I am in the mountains with my Dad, my brother-in-law, and some really good friends on our motorcycles.  It will be a couple of days of riding, relaxing, and clearing my mind.  The company is going to be good, the scenery awesome, and I am expecting God is speak so awesome stuff to me.  I will post some pictures when we get back.  See you then.

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Tonight was a really cool night.  I was excited to see the momentum maintain without the theme nights or give-a-ways.  It felt like the night went by really quickly.  The students amazed me with the ability to handle a heavy message and really step up to the challenge.

Here are some things we talked about:
Everything communicates.  The clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the friends you hang out with, everything communicates.  The words you speak do not communicate as loud as the things that you do.

What you integrate communicates - you are always downloading something.

What you eliminate and tolerate communicates - sex really does sell.  It has sold a lot of people into spiritual slavery.

Who you imitate communicates - you have to decide everyday to be imitators of God.

What you illustrate communicates - anyone can live an impure life.  Anyone can live like everyone else.  It takes someone special to be a leader and not a follower.

How you evaluate communicates - When you reject the Word of God, you reject God, not man.

Upcoming Events:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA. Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals. You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping. has pictures up from the Game On Series and the cookout. Also has weekly updates.

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I had the pleasure of meeting some new people this week and our discussions have spawned some thoughts in me that I would like to share. Our discussions about life in general, getting married, finding a job, having children, establishing in a community, have led me to question the status quo. Have you ever felt like there was a certain thing you were supposed to do by a certain age? For example, you have to graduate from college by age 22 and get married by age 25? Or maybe even you have to start your family by age 30 or you might be too old for children and career?

Who makes up these rules and why do we keep badgering ourselves and others with these figures? I came to the startling realization this morning that life does progress in stages, but our uniqueness and our path for life is not easily compartmentalized. God created us to be beings created for worshipping Him, loving on others, and to serve the world. How did we come to create this formula for life that strays so far from God's intended purpose with us?

Well, I have decided that I am going to continue challenging the status quo and I am not going to live up to these societal trends of compartmentalizing my life. I want to enjoy my life, my marriage, my ministry, my (future) career, and my (future) children. No longer do I want to be enslaved by someone else's idea of what my life should look like and how I should progress on this journey. God has given me big dreams and promises that I want to see come to pass. So just because it doesn't fit the mold, doesn't mean it isn't right or beautiful.

Are there things in your life that challenge the status quo? Are there society imposed goals that you have been holding on to rather than the dreams God has for you? Please be encouraged today that God's dreams and plans for you are far greater than a societal formula for life. So dream big, love deep, and believe God for an awesome journey.

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The older I get the more that I realize that life is tight rope.  The problem I believe is not walking it, the problem comes when we stand still on it.  There are a lot of issues that seem to be rolling around in my soul right now that I wrestle with.

Can you really love without an agenda and serve without motive.  Is that possible?  Is that Biblical?  Didn't Jesus have an agenda and motive?  Can you change the world without an agenda and motive?  I believe the question should be can I love without pushing my personal agenda and can I serve without it benefiting my selfish motives?  The key is who is at the center of everything that I am doing.  What is my driving force?

Would I rather be formed or found?  I heard this statement a month ago and it is really haunting me.  That question has caused me to check myself, check my motives and my agenda.  It has cause me to take a long look at not only what I do but why I do it.

I am finding that life is and will always be a tight rope.  Life is a balancing act.  You will know when it gets out of balance.  The neat thing about the tight rope of our lives is that there is a safety net.  You can make mistakes.  No one requires you to be perfect.

What are you trying to balance?

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Let me start off by saying that insecurity is something that I wrestle with on a daily basis. I worry about what I look like, I worry about what people are thinking about me or saying about me. I worry if I am doing a good enough job or not. Insecurity has been an issue in my life just about all of my life. God is speaking to me lately about this issue. The problem with me is where I find my security. If I only find my security in myself, then I have every right to be insecure, but if my security is found in Him then insecurity is not an issue.

Here are some issues with insecurity...

It will keep you from doing what God has called you to do. You will have yourself convinced that you are not able to fulfill the call that is on your life. You will talk yourself out of every situation that God has called you to because you feel you are not worthy. Listen, the old saying is still true, "God does not called the equipped, He equips the called." If we could do it on our own, He would not get any of the glory.

It will keep you from having meaningful relationships. If you are constantly worried about what everyone around you thinks, you will not be able to build any authentic relationships in your life. If you are only worried about pleasing other people, then you will keep putting on different masks and acting different according to who you are hanging out with. The issue with trying to please people all the time is they become bigger than God in your life and sometimes even become God.

You loose the sense of uniqueness that God created in you. God wired each one of us as individuals. That is the neat thing about your life. When we start living as a crowd and like the crowd to please the crowd, we get away from God's plan and purpose for our lives.

You will not help facilitate other's dreams around you. You will constantly be worried about if they are going to be more popular than you, make a bigger impact than you, be more liked than you. You will never help other people reach their full potential.

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I am looking for some good Youth Ministry Blogs. Anyone know of any? I keep up with about 30 blogs on a daily basis and only about 4 of the are Youth Pastors, so if you got the hook up - SHARE!

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