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Yesterday was our last day of ministry and a full day of outreaches. Our kid's programs was wide open all morning. With each three of our communities that we were ministering in having more students than ever. Roughly ministered to 150 kids on Thursday morning. Everyone of our teams were quiet and hearts were heavy as they had to say good bye to the different kids. All the kids were holding on and hugging different team members not wanting them to go.

Thursday afternoon we began to set up for our big outreach the Boys and Girls Club. We rented some inflatable, had face-painting, did a three on three basketball tournament, and had pizza. We kicked everything off and saw 200 kids come through and some parents. About half way through we fed everyone and presented them with the gospel. Patric rapped, we did some magic tricks and used it to tell them about the love of God, and our team did a dance routine. It was one of the toughest crowds to minister to but our team did an outstanding job. Eight people raised their hand and prayed to accept Christ as their Savior. After the outreach our team cleaned up and heading back to the Hotel. It was the longest and toughest day of ministry but yet the most rewarding.

Today was our free day. We spend the day at Tybee Island to let the students hangout on the beach. The weather was cloudy with some wind gusts but we made the best out of it. In the afternoon we headed back to the Hotel for everyone to rest and then had our celebration meal at Longhorns. To close out the evening we walked around the mall and just hung out.

This has been an awesome week and our students just left my talking about what God did in them and what He showed them. I know that God used this team to do some awesome things in the inner city of Savannah but He also did a lot in their lives. Thanks for taking this journey with us.

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Days begin to blend together when you are on a Mission's Trip. I had to remind myself that today was Wednesday. Can not believe we have been here for three days already. Have I told you lately how awesome Thrive Students are awesome? They are working, serving, and advancing the Kingdom of God. This morning we worked in the same communities that we worked in Tuesday. At the Boys and Girls Club today we worked with teenagers. The guys played basketball and video games while the girls spent time together. It was an awesome time of one on one and building community.

We spent time this afternoon on River Street passing out bottles of water and tracks. It was 100 degrees with the heat index of 115. The water was very refreshing and we ran out about 30 minutes after we started. When we left River Street we walked to fountain and let some of the students play in the water to cool off.

Tonight we went to a Savannah area Youth Service at South Side Assembly of God. Patric opened the service with one of his songs and my friend Chris Pollock preached. The altars where full and God did some awesome things. It was a good day. We are sitting in the lobby of the hotel laughing and telling stories as I write this.

I am truly a bless Youth Pastor and I am excited about what God is going to do tomorrow.

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What a day! You just could feel it when we woke up this morning that God was going to do awesome stuff. The students were a little quite to begin with but it was not that they were nervous or scared, I believe they were prepared. It was Game Day and they were ready. All the AIM team members from all over the state did an awesome job but I am proud of Thrive Students for they way they work, the way they love on people, the way they go after God, and they way they laugh.

When had three teams go out to three different neighborhoods throughout the inner-city of Savannah and minister to over 100 kids. We hit a snag with one of the neighborhoods and thought we were faced with closed door. God worked and the door opened and we were able to minister to the kids there. By the time the team left kids were holding on to them and begging them to come back. One of the teams went to the Boys and Girls Club and when we went to pick them up the gym was buzzing and there was a HUGE party going on. Our third team set up in a park to do a Sidewalk Sunday School. They cleaned the park and went door to door before the program began. When it was time for them to leave kids were making them promise they would return the next day. Sharing the light and love of Jesus is one of the greatest privileges we have in this life.

The afternoon was spent in the famous Forsyth Park where they filmed the movie Forest Gump. The students passed out over 200 bottles of water and talks to people of the Love of God. Temperatures got close to 100 with a heat index of 110. The awesome thing was none of the students were complaining and really didnt want to leave when we ran out of water.

We spend the evening praying and training for tomorrow. Had the opportunity to chill and Cold Stone and Starbucks to just hang out for a little while.

It really has been an awesome week so far and I truly believe the best is yet to come. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. More stories to come. Keep praying for us. God is doing big things in us and through us.

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Have not blogged in a while and figured today would we as good a day as any to start again. Today was the first day of our Mission's Trip. This year we have travel to Savannah, GA to work in the inner-city with Life Bridge Ministries. It was a travel and training day today. A lot of hurry up and slow down. A lot of wondering what we were doing and when we were doing it. We left the Hotel around 6 pm and headed downtown on the Jesus bus to "spy-out" the land and hear the heart of the Ministry. After that we head over to one of the host churches to pray and train.

After a time of worship and pray it was time to start working on the morning outreaches. I was so proud of Thrive Students for the way they jumped in there and began to lead. Leaders lead from the front. I sat back as they help the rest of the team learn hand motions and dances to the song. Not once did one of them complain about being tired or say they did not want to do anything.

One of the highlights of my day was the see my best friends daughter up teaching the rest of the team hand motions to a song. You have to understand that she is 14 years old and we have been a part of her life since she was 2 months old. I remember when she could not crawl, walk, or talk. Now she is leading. She is loving God and living ministry out. I am so proud of her and her response to God's call on her life.

This week is going to be awesome and I can not wait to share more of it with you. Pictures and more stories to come later.

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