Happy Halloween.

Getting ready for Stockbridge Assembly's Harvest Festival this evening. It is a lot of work but an event that is well worth it.

Wednesday night was an awesome night at Thrive. Really excited to see what November holds.

The Hostage series is going to be a real unique series. Pastor Steven will be speaking this week to open it up. Love to hear my Pastor speak.

Really praying and seeking God for some wisdom right now about some things. Really not satisfied in a lot of areas in my life. God is challenging me to step it up and go to another level.

Today is the Georgia-Florida Game. Also known as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." Georgia has not had the best season but I am hoping for an upset.

Really enjoyed being a bum yesterday. Watched a couple of movies, read, and just rested. Got to have a couple of those days every now and then.

Hope everyone has a safe and good weekend.

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There is nothing that I hate more than a sleepless nights. Tossing and turning. It is miserable. See people that I care about are going through some stuff right now. Things that are beyond my control, but yet things that have bothered me for a little while. I am struggling to find the off switch. I can not help but look around at my own life during days like this and ask myself what I need to work on the most. I realized that tonight that I need to refocus my life.

When my focus is off, it is really easy to walk down the wrong paths because I really do not know where I am going. If I am not careful I will look around and be lost. All the time that you spend on the journey you have been on is for nothing.

When my focus is off, the things that are important all of a sudden are not important. Things that should take priority then turn into options. The little things become much bigger and take up too much of my time.

The only way to fix focus is to refocus. Maybe take a couple steps back and look at things from a different angle. Call people that I trust and have them take a look at the situation and get their input. The thing is you have to do whatever it takes to get things back in focus.

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  • This was week 3 of our Game On Series, our Homecoming Month, and our Campus Challenge.
  • It was character night this week. Loved that Thrive students were creative with how they dressed up.
  • Kyle dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and did the Napoleon dance to open the service. It was hilarious and he did an awesome job.
  • We switched things around last night. I decided to do the message up front and worship last.
  • The Coffee Bar had it's best night last night. Chocolate Pumpkin Pie iced coffee seems to be a favorite.
Here are some things we talked about:
Week 3 of Game On's message was called Game Face. Our game face is an outward sign of our serious we take something. It also shows how important we take something.

In Luke chapter 8 we find a story of a lady who was serious about touching Jesus. Here are some ways she showed her seriousness:

She refused to settle for the way life has been - When we accept a counterfeit version of the dream God has for us we are worshipping a counterfeit god.
She pushed through the crowd - What do we allow to stop us from getting to Jesus?
She remained focused - By reaching for the hem of His garment she was acknowledging Him as the Son of God according to Malachi 4:2.
She was not afraid of risk - Some one who risk nothing gains the same in life.

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The last two weeks have really been a blur.

This weekend I am driving back and forth to Macon for GSOM (Georgia School of Ministry) classes. Only have one more left after this weekend. Excited to be Ordained in the Spring.

Loving the Game On Series in Thrive. Have seen over 20 first time visitors and 10 student make commitments of faith. We are shaking things up this week. Visitor points are triple and giving bonus points to the team who has the most visitors.

After class this afternoon we are heading to Stone Mountain to hang out with some awesome friends.

The structure of my life has been upside down for the last couple of weeks and I working on getting that in place.

Last weekend I went on a motorcycle ride with Dad and some friends. Had a great time riding around the Georgia Mountains.

Really excited about the weeks an months ahead. God has some big things up his sleeve.

This last week mark a year that we have lived in Stockbridge. Time flies when you are having fun.

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

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It has been a while since I blogged last. Over two weeks. I would love to list off the things that have been keeping me from Challenging Normal, but I can't. It has honestly just been life. It has been poor time management and a longer todo list than I like. I could give a thousand excuses about where I have been but excuses are something that you can have a thousand of and still have nothing. Excuses will never get you anywhere in life.

This blog is a source of structure for me. I have learned through time that I work better with structure. Boundaries that help direct me and keep me focused. A life that is out of focus is a life that just wanders around.

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