We all have had seasons and events that if we could we would go back and change. The only issue with that is that if we change that in our life wouldn't it change who we are. Isn't it really the tough seasons, the hurts, the mistakes, that make us who will are. Isn't it those things that make us wiser and stronger? Aren't the hurts and pains that we have faced what helps us see them in other people?

The problem is when we do not make room for those events and seasons in our life. We try to pretend like they didn't happen, like they are not a part of us. If we do not make room for them and deal with them then they will push others things out. Anxiety pushes peace away, depression takes up the space where joy occupied. Fear takes up residenience where your Holy confidence was.

You can not detach the tough things from your life. It is in the fire that we are truly forged by God! Make room for them and let them make you better.

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