Today was a 14 hr day of Ministry but was amazing. Our students never whined or complained about the schedule or the work. They are amazing! We started the day with School Assemblies. The students were receptive but it was a tough crowd. These are school and neighborhood without a lot of structure and discipline. Our team just kept rolling with it.

After lunch we had more School Assemblies. We ministered to over 300 Teenagers today. Many accepted Jesus as their Savior. It was very humbling to get to watch God work.

Tonight was had a service in the Church we have been working with. The house was pack and service was amazing. Loved praying for God to touch people's lives. Saw people delivered and set free! 

It has been as awesome week with only one day of ministry left before our free day. We are believing we are going to see God doing awesome things.  Thanks for praying with us and for us.

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There are not words that can truly describe today. We kick off the day at going into a juvenile detention center. There were young men in there from 14-22 years old and some of them had never encountered the Love of God. Groups played games, did drama, and have small group discussions. God broke down so hard hearts and did things that only He could do. The statement that ripped everyone's heart out came from one of the young men. He said, "I thought we were forgotten. I thought no one loved us." How heartbreaking! We were humbled that God chose us to love on the unloveable and reach out to the forgotten. God gave us favor in a dark place and open some of the coldest hearts.

After lunch we spent the afternoon in a couple schools doing assemblies. Dancing, giving testimonies, and doing drama. It was an awesome afternoon. We ended our day with one best devotional/prayer times I've ever been a part of on a Mission's Trip. God did such an incredible work in our team member's lives. Students were broken and crying out to God for over an hour. 

We can not wait to see what tomorrow holds. We are doing school assemblies all day then a service tomorrow night. Be in prayer for us. Praying for favor in the schools. Strength an energy to do the programs. Wisdom and discernment to know what God wants us to do. 

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Today started early! We had to be at the church for our first service by 8am. Everyone was quiet on the bus ride and a little worn out. Once we arrived and the service started it life was breathed into us all. Our students helped with the Kids Ministry in the first service and helped in the main Service at 10am. I was honored to get to speak in the 10am service. We saw around 10 people give their lives to Jesus in that service. We called people into the altars that needed prayer and the altars filled up. Our team walked through the crowd praying for people and God radically touched a lot of lives. With both services today we ministered to over 500 adults and kids.

Once lunch was over, we returned to the church for some much needed rest. You know your tired when you can sleep on a hard thin mat and enjoy it.  After we all woke up we went and hung out with the students and some families of the church. They build wooden carts that we steered down a heel (I didn't get hurt). Our team laughed and bonded with the students from Colombia. Then we walked to theColiseum in town to play basketball and soccer.

Around dinner time we returned to where we are staying and got to chill and hangout for the evening. It was amazing to sit and listen to students and leaders to exchange ministry stories of the day. To see the laugh and connect on that level. After dinner we had a local coffee farmer come and set up a table for us along with some ladies who made jewelry. They were such a blessing.

Tomorrow we go into some juvenile detention centers to share the love of God. After lunch we will be doing school assemblies. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for us! Pray for strength! Pray the Presence of God goes before us. The wifi the not stable but I am able to update you as I can.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities! 

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