The last three days have been a blur.

Saturday we raised over $1500 for our Mission's Trip to Bogota, Colombia. Very proud of our leaders, our team, and parents for all their hard work.

We smoked about 450 pieces of chicken.

My parents came up to help. I have the most awesome parents in the world. I feel like there is nothing that is impossible when they are around. I hope to one day be as good a parent as they are.

We leave for Bogota July 17, if you have an extra couple hundred dollars laying around and need to get rid of it call me.

Wednesday night we kicked off our Summer Series in Thrive and it was awesome. A really deep night for us.

I am so ready for Summer to be here.

Camp is two weeks out and I am officially excited. Camp is a time that both wears me out and recharges me.

This summer is going to busy and is going to fly by.

I had an eye exam on Friday. Found out that I need glasses. They dilated my eyes. That made for a fun drive back to the office. Glad I made it okay.

Hope you had an awesome weekend.

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Yesterday was a 16 hour day. Today will be a longer day and I do not want to even start to think about Saturday. This weekend we are going to smoke a couple hundred chickens that have been sold to help send a team from Thrive to Bogota Colombia. When all is said and done there will be a lot of people that will be worn out and exhausted. When days like these come and life gets crazy, everything sometimes becomes a blur. Tunnel vision kicks in. I have to tendency to loose focus.

Loose sight of the things that are important. Forget what is the reason behind the things that we are doing. We are not just smoking chickens and raising money. We are going to a different country where we do not speak there language and meet people we have never met before to share a love that will change their life. It is not about the stress or the late night. It is the life changes that we will see.

When life gets crazy we have got to keep our focus. It will be the only thing that keeps us going. It will be the only thing that drive us. You better know why it is you do what you do and it can not be about you.

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  • We kicked off our Summer Series last night with a bang.
  • I was a little worried about attendance with this being the last week of school but attendance was up.
  • The summer set looks amazing.  Big thank you's to Katie, Sharon, Patric, and Stephanie for helping put it together.
  • The band sounds awesome last night.  Those guys are really gelling together and I love having Alex on the violin up there.
  • I felt like last night a lot of our students went deeper and made commitments to climb the mountain this summer and get a good tan.
  • We finished May with our highest monthly average for a month that we did not have an event in.
Some things we talked about:
We covered tanning 101 last night as we read the story of Moses in Exodus 34.  As Moses would spend time with God his face would glow.  We paralleled a good "tan" to our relationship with God.
A good tan takes work - Anyone can have a farmers tan.
A good tan cost you something - It will cost you time and energy.
People can spot a fake tan - fake tans look stupid
We have too many tanning bed Christians - they want instant results without paying the price.
We have too many spray on Christians - they're relationship is just on the surface and they are just covering their lack.

There is no substitute for the real thing

Upcoming Events:
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Next week we will have a Luau to celebrate school being out and kicking off our summer events.

ThriveXL kicks off Wednesday June 10th.  After Thrive Youth Church we will be heading to see "Night At The Museum 2" at the Great Escape in McDonough.  Cost is $10.

Camp is June 22-26 and the cost is $135.  Permission Slip and a $25 deposit is due by June 7th.

ThirveXL continues Wednesday night June 17th as we head to Taco Bell after service to hang out.  We will return to the church around 10:30 p.m.

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Hello world! I am back on the blogging kick after a break. There is an issue that has been introspectively challenging my existence. All of the recent rain and dreary days here in Georgia have led me to new insight. In the absence of sunny days, I have noticed my mood diminishing and my energy level nose-diving. Being trapped inside has not been fun for me. I feel like the days are being wasted. I understand that we need rain to survive and it's vital to life, but the excess is not my preference.

How many people live in an emotional and spiritual rainy season for a long period of time? God has increased my awareness of the plight of others. When the rainy season comes, several things come into play that prolong the dreary season, in my opinion.

1. A sense of hopelessness takes over after a few days. You long for the sunshine, but can't fathom a sunny day.
2. A sense of boredom and monotony leave an abundance of time to dwell on happier days when the sun was abundant.
3. A sense of entrapment that causes you to retreat into your comfort zone and refuse to come out until the season transforms into a brighter time.
4. A sense of over-protection to preserve yourself from the rainy season. You don't want to lose anything valuable, so you don't let anyone close to you.

The Bible says that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. In today's society, circumstances and life happen, whether we are prepared or unprepared. I believe that Satan uses these rainy seasons to isolate us and make us feel alone and hopeless. Jesus came to bring light and peace and hope and happiness to those in relationship with him. Yet, we all pass by people every day and we don't contemplate the season they are in.

What season are you in? What can you do to help those who find themselves in the rainy season? Sometimes, just the thought that someone cares is enough to push back the darkness in someone's circumstances.

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There is something that I read several months ago that is still eating away at me. A Pastor asked the question on his blog, he asked did we want to be found or formed? Why do we do what we do? Why do we allow the things in our lives that we allow? Is it to let God get the glory and mold and shape us into what He has created and called us to be or is it for the spotlight? Is it more important to do His will or to push our agenda?

Here are somethings that I am wrestling with:

Do I prefer the accolades of man over the voice of God? - Would I prefer to hear the applause of man over the very words of my Lord? Would I rather hear, "You are awesome, you did a great job, everyone loves you" or "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Do I fear the judgment of man over the judgment of God? - Do I care more about what I look like in the mirror than what I look like in the eyes of God? It is a tough decision between what people think about us and what God thinks about us.

Do I prefer a platform over a towel? - What is more appealing to me, being in front of the crowds or serving the individuals? Will I pass 10 opportunities to serve just to stand in the spotlight for 2 minutes?

This is something that I wrestle with on a daily basis. This is something that I get wrong on a daily basis. I am so grateful for a God that is full of grace and mercy and loves me in spite of my shortcomings.

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Thank you to all the heroes that have given their life so we can live ours to the fullest.  

Hope you and your family have an awesome Memorial Day.

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Today Steven continued teaching from Matthew 16 and challenged the selfishness of the church.  Here are some things that stood out to me:
  • God's Kingdom is bigger than the government
  • The Kingdom of God is not called to maintain.  Nowhere in the Word of God does it say maintain your position.
  • The biggest enemy I have is me.
  • In-grown feelings - you think too much about yourself.
  • Peter went from revelation to rebuke because he went from realization to contamination.
  • You can be wrong and passionate, that just makes you passionately wrong.
  • Why do we think we have to understand everything?
  • If you are protecting someone from God's plan you are speaking the language of Satan.
  • What do you do when Satan is speaking through a saint instead of a serpent?
  • We say no to the way that Jesus called because we refuse to do the hard things.
  • The Cross is not only a symbol of sacrifice but of commitment as well.

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Today I get to be a bum and I am excited about that.

Went it watch the new Terminator movie Friday night with three of my favorite people last night. The movie was okay. I do not know what I was expecting. T2 is still my favorite terminator movie.

Spent most of the day Friday at Neverland (the campgrounds) helping with a Senior lunch thing. Greatest part of the day was spending time with Barbara and Stephanie.

Have I ever told you how much I love my Pastor and his family? Seriously. They are so awesome and I am so grateful to get to serve with them.

Wednesday night I took a 5 hour energy shot before service. BAD MISTAKE. It sent my ADD into over drive.

It was tough getting back into my preaching groove Wednesday. I had not spoke for 3 weeks.

I am really excited about our first summer series that starts this Wednesday.

Looking forward to Memorial Day and hanging out with some friends and grilling some meat.

Camp is three weeks away. I have got to do somethings to get ready. I am out of shape BAD, but I am looking forward to it.

Hope you have a good weekend and an awesome Memorial Day.

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Exodus 3:5, "Remove your sandals from your feet. You are standing on Holy ground."

God spoke to Moses and said take your shoes off, this is a special place. This is the place that I am going to change your life. This is the place that I am going to speak to you and call you. This place that you are standing will have meaning and purpose. Everyone should have a place like this in their life. Everyone should have Holy Ground where they know that God has spoken to them and can speak to them.

There is a special piece of property just about Macon and a little south of Atlanta that is special to a lot of people. This is a place that I know I can hear from God. Our District Campgrounds are a lot of things to a lot of people but to me they are a place that God changed my life, confirmed my call. This is a place that I made friendships that have turned into family.

I will spend some time at my sacred place today, on Holy Ground. It might be to work, but at least I will be there. I will be with some awesome people that I love a lot. We will laugh together and share our lives together. I will take time today I know I will hear from God.

Everyone needs a Holy place.

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#3 People living below their call

If you have not figured out by now,  this generation is my passion.  Something that is extremely special to me is to see students chasing after the call that is on their life.  I am not necessarily talking about pursing vocational (full time pastoral ministry), I am talking about living a life of purpose.  Having a knowledge of right and wrong and choosing right.

It breaks my heart to see people living more out of excuses that on purpose.  They have a 100 reasons why they did not do it or can not do it.  Living out of excuse is not living where God has called you.  I have learned that when people are living below their call they tend to push people that are away.  They want to surround themselves with people that will not challenge them, will not push them, and will let them settle.

There is nothing sadder and more weighing on me than to watch someone I love settle.  You do not have to settle.  One of the hardest things in life is letting the call that God has placed on you dictate to your life and you quit dictating to it.

I am not saying that I am perfect, I am not saying that I do not have seasons in my life that I do not throw my hands up and sit down, BUT YOU HAVE TO GET BACK UP!  You have to allow God to help you pull yourself up and PURSUE life again.

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#2 Judging people by appearance

You have heard it said, "Do not judge a book by it's cover." I could not agree with that statement more. When you look at someone and pass judgment on them based on their appearance or the very few facts that you know about them, then you are showing your ignorance. For instance:

Because I am from South Georgia does not make me a redneck or stupid.
Because I am overweight does not make me lazy or sloppy.
Because I do not have a college degree does not make me uneducated.
Because I am a Youth Pastor I am not a "real" minister.

That list could go on and on. The issue I am finding is that we do not see people from their perspective, we see them from ours. We let our experiences and circumstance shape our views of people and where they are at in life. When we do not take time and get to know someone, when we make a decision based on the outward things, then we are not seeing people through God's eyes. We are not seeing people as God sees them.

1 Samuel 16:7, "But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

I am so grateful that when God measures a person that He does put the tape measure around their head to see how much they know, or put it around their arms to see what they can do. When God measures a person, he puts the tape measure around their heart.

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This week I need to take some time and vent. There are just some things that I need to get off my chest. Some things that are just really bugging me. Nothing major, just some perspective from where I have been hanging out lately.

#1 Emotional worship is just hype.

Some people believe if our emotions get involved in our worship or relationship with God that it is not authentic. Who do you think wired you emotionally? Who do you think gave you your emotions? If God created us and created us with our emotions, why then is it not okay to get emotional in the worship of our creator?

Okay, let's get a couple of things out of the way. In NO WAY do I think the only way to truly worship God is by getting emotional or passionate. Worship takes many shapes and many forms. Just because someone chooses to express their worship in a way that is different from yours does not make it wrong. It just makes you uncomfortable. Most of the time what we get "offended" with in the church are the things that we have been hurt with. How you choose to connect with God is between you and God.

Yes I am a part of a Pentecostal church and a Pentecostal Fellowship. Yes I know how weird and strange these people have been over the years (if you take offense to this, then you have been one of the weird ones). I know the failures and the hurt that these movements have brought. I know the elitist mentality that some have, thinking that they are the only ones that can hear from God and they are the only ones that worship correctly. On there behalf I apologize. I am truly sorry.

How can we say what is a right way, wrong way, or only way to worship and connect to God? Who are we? Who are we that can look at someone's outward expression towards a God that saved them and healed them and can truly gauge their heart. Do no be mistaken, emotional worship is not hype. It is worship.

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Without a shadow of doubt I have the most awesome Pastor in the world. God has give him a voice for the church for this day and hour. Every Sunday I just want to share some quotes from him and his message.

  • We can not stop at success. If we stop at success then success becomes our god.
  • A light bulb moment is a sudden realization that leads to change.
  • Sometime we have a hide and survive mentality in the church.
  • The church is built on the realization of who Jesus is.
  • If the church is not growing then it is not His (Jesus) church.
  • Today people are looking for spiritual one night stands. They want all the thrills that God gives but they do not want the responsibilities of reproduction.
  • The church has not lost it's relevance, it has lost what it means to be relevant.
  • The gates of Hell can not advance and the only way they can enlarge is if we get out of the way.
  • If the gates of Hell is enlarging then the church is shrinking.

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Man what a week!

This week has seemed like a a roller coaster.

We are in the middle of a marathon weekend.

Yesterday morning a few people from the church got up really early Friday morning and gave out Chick-Fila biscuits and coffee to the community.  I love the church I serve at.

Last night we had a "Newcomers Banquet" for the new families in the church.  Grilled 10o hamburgers and hotdogs and got to hang out with some really awesome people.  Have I mentioned that I love the church I serve at?

Wednesday night was one of the best Youth Services.  We did not have great altars or great worship.  We had community awareness night and hosted Henry County Life Management Solutions.

Tonight is the Amazing Race.  We will split up in two teams and have a scavenger hunt on steroids.  Then we will have pizza and hangout.

It has been too easy for students in Henry County to go to Hell for too long.  Thrive is about to make in hard to go to Hell.  We have to!

Very excited about our new Summer series.

I am soooooo ready to be a camp.

This is going to be an awesome summer.

I am ready for our Bogota trip.  Have I mentioned that if you have an extra couple hundred dollars laying around I could put it to good use.

Hope you are have a good weekend.

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We are kicking this series off at the end of May and it will run through June.  Going to be a blast!

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Guys vs. Girls
3 Challenges
2 Teams
1 Winner
Saturday May 16th - 5 pm

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Last night Thrive was a little different. We had some friends from Henry County Life Management Solutions come and do a community awareness night with us. They shared facts and concerns about what is going on with students in Henry County. Some statistics that we have heard before, like 1 in 4 students have an STD, but then they shared new ones that keep haunting me and kept me up last night.

I have heard it said that what one generation tolerates the next generation embraces. That is true, but I want to take it one step further. What one generation is silent about the next generation deals with as a pandemic. We have bigger issues in our nation other than the Swine Flu. The thing that I can not figure out is are we okay with what is going on or are we sticking our head in the sand hoping it will go away. Here are some thoughts I had after last night:
  • When the church is silent, the world writes the rules. The church has been so afraid to talk about sex for so long, the rules of right and wrong have been written by people with no morals and low standards.
  • Why are we allowing the government to be our moral compass? That mandate was never given to them. That is the call of the church. We choose to hide behind the walls of our faulty steeples and wonder why things have turned out like they have.
  • We, as a church, have a tendency to judge before we love. We will condemn too often before we offer solutions. By the way, judgment is not the solution.
  • We keep looking for the answer instead of looking in the mirror. Guess what! We are the answer. We carry a love that changes everything, but yet we choose to be selfish with it!
  • I am convinced that the sexual pandemic of this generation will not change until we choose to change it!
This generation is my passion and my heart. This generation will lead one day and we are allowing the media and the government to shape them instead of the church. THEY DO NOT NEED MORE FRIENDS, THEY DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PLACE TO HAVE FUN! They have that and where is it getting them? They need the unconditional love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to change their lives. Then they need someone to walk with them and guide them. They need people full of grace and mercy to show them how to live. They need people that will not freak out at their problems and do not have all the answers but will help them find the answers. They do not need someone to control them but believe in them and empower them to do what they are called to do.

Will we embrace a pandemic or do something about it? The change that everyone is waiting on is inside you, it is you! What will you do about it? To whom much is given much is required.

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Drama. I have never met anyone who says that they like it. Drama. No one wants to claim that they have ever been a part of it. You hear phrases like save your drama for your mama. People update their status on their facebook by saying keep your drama away from me. Drama is something that we all want everyone else to believe that we are allergic to and that we do not create in our own life. We are quick to call a friend out as a "Drama Queen" but deny being a part of it.

I do not care who you are or where you are at in life, your life creates drama. Life is full of drama. I am not saying that you have to like it, but I am saying that you do have to deal with it. There are some people that seem to thrive in drama better than others but none of us can deny that our lives have not caused some form of drama at some point.

Having and causing drama is not the most important part of life but I believe that how you deal with drama will define you. Refusing to deal with it means that you are refusing to engage in life and in relationships. It means that you are refusing to be a friend that helps another friend in need. Drama is not a fun part of life but it is a part of life.

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There is this scripture that keeps running through my mind this morning as I am starting my day.

1 Corinthians 9:26, "Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air."

I can not shake that last part. "I do not fight like a man beating the air?" Paul was saying that he fights with a purpose. That he gets up every day and puts on his spiritual boxing gloves for a reason. It is amazing to me how many times in the New Testament our walk with Jesus is paralleled to a fight. I do not think this is a mistake or an accident. I think it is because that is what it is going to be and that is what it is.

Years ago, I had a saying in our Student Ministry. "This war is not for the popular, but for the passionate." Meaning that everyone is not going to like it or survive it. You need to understand that what you fight might be a little more important that how you fight.

I am reminded this morning I am fighting for.....
  • A relationship with God that grows and evolves on a daily basis. I fight to hear God speak to me and then cherish what I hear.
  • A marriage to the most awesome wife in the world. We have been married for almost 10 years and it has been the best of my life.
  • The most awesome students in the world. Students that are chasing after the Call that is on their life. Students that refuse to settle with the status quo.
  • Family and friends that love me no matter what. God has placed some of the most awesome people in my life to encourage me and help me along this journey. I refuse to just sit idly by and not stand with them in their battle.
  • A Pastor and his family that I know are making an impact in church and in the community. A man that I would charge Hell with and has become one of my closest friends.
Do you fight? Why do you fight? Have you given up this morning? Thrown in the towel? Get up! Keep fighting! The bell has not rang yet, it is not over! Lets go!

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"The measure of insanity is the gap between who you think you are and who you really are." This is a quote that I have been chewing on for a couple weeks. It is the gap that has me worried. It is the gap that has me doing some self-evaluating.

How wide is that gap in my relationship with God, with my family, with friends? Sometimes we refuse to look in a mirror because deep down we know what is going to be looking back at us. Refusing to take a personal inventory is like refusing to look at a mirror when you walk by it. You know what it looks like but are too embarrassed or ashamed to look at it.

We live in a dangerous place when we detach expectation from reality. When we expect one thing and in reality we are no where close to it. We are fighting a loosing battle when we are living on assumptions.

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Thank you Mom for being the best Mom in the world.  For loving me and teaching me how to love.  For doctoring me when I hurt and teaching me to do the same for others.  Thank you for knowing all the answers and teaching me how to search for them.  Thank you for teaching me how to dream big and believing in them more than me.  I love you!

P.S. Your card will not be there till Monday....sorry.

To the rest of you Moms out there, thanks for all your do.  Happy Mother's Day!

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Spent the week in Columbus, GA for the Georgia District Council.

It was good spending the week with friends.  Probably laughed more in a week than I have in a year.  I have the greatest friends in the world.

Jim Raley threw it down in the services.  Both night were incredible, but Tuesday night was a top 5 message.

Really missed home this week.  Miss Paige, our staff, Thrive, and friends here in Stockbridge.  It is good to come home to a place that you love and are really excited to be.

Very proud of Patric and Thrive for Wednesday night.  Heard that he knocked it out of the park.

Watched X-Men Origins:Wolverine this week.  Great movie, I was a HUGE X-men fan when I was a kid.

I was so tired when I got home Thursday that I slept 17 out of 24 hours.  Don't judge me.

Chris Pollock took this blog and turned it in book form for my birthday.  It might have been one of the most awesome gifts ever.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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Today I honored the 4th commandment.  I do not always get it right, heck I get it wrong more times than I get it right.  Out of all the commandments this is one of the ones I struggle with them most.  I have not killed anyone, I love my parents, I strive to love God with all my heart, and I do not have any golden calf around the house.  The 4th commandments says that we are to honor a sabbath.  Every six days we are to rest.  Why?

Today I rested.  I have almost been bum like.  Today I have not even walked out of my house.  Guess what?  The world is still spinning.  My busyness is not what is keep the world on it's axis.  When I stop the earth and everything else around me does not.  Imagine that.  I am not in control.  I am not the one calling the shots.  We need a sabbath to remember that the world does not revolve around us.

Today I took a sabbath.  I watched TV, I read, and I slept.  Today God reminded me that he created me to be a human being, not a human doing.  Today I put life in park and took a step back.  Everything that I am working on or going through will still be around tomorrow.  When is the last time you took a sabbath?  When is the last time that you rested?

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Spent most of the week in Columbus, GA with friends at the Georgia District Council.  This is one of my favorite week of the year.  I got to spend lots of time with my friends, eat lots of junk, and I actually like the business meetings.  I am about to go to bed and crash for at least 24 hours but before I do I wanted to share some thoughts.

  • I did an inventory of the people that God has placed in my life this week.  I am the luckiest man alive and have the most awesome friends in the world.  They not only love me but they like me.  They are the people that I want to hold my hand in all of the crap of life.  
  • Jim Raley is a preaching machine!  I am so grateful that he heard from God and brought a fresh word for the ministers in our District.  God challenged and stretched me in a HUGE way in the services at night.
  • Got to do breakfast with one of my heroes.  A man that believed in me when no one else did.  He taught me to believe in the underdogs and taught me to dream big.
  • The ordination service is my favorite.  There is something special about the charge that is given to a minister on this night.  If everything goes according to the plan I will be ordained next May.  That is going to be awesome.
  • I needed this week.  I needed the laughs, I needed the services, I needed the down time.  I needed this week.

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It is already Tuesday and this week is flying by.  I am in Columbus, GA for District Council.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I get to hang out with friends, see people I only see a couple times a year and laugh a lot.  Probably will not blog a lot but we catch everyone up later.  Hope everyone is having an awesome week.

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I have been fighting allergies and the crud all week.  I am so tired of a stopped up nose and coughing and answering the question if I have the swine flu or not.

Going to grill hamburgers at our church's yard sale today to help raise money for my team to go to Bogota Colombia this Summer.  If you have an extra couple hundred dollars laying around, hook a brotha up.

Kinda sad the "More Than A Rock Star" series is over.  By far the most fun series we have ever done.

Slept in the last two morning and it felt great.

Really looking forward to District Council next week.  See people that I have not seen in a while and hanging out with friends.  I have a feeling that the services are going to rock this year.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate packing?  I HATE PACKING!  I always either over pack or under pack.

Have not seen the X-Men movie yet.  Hope to see it this next week.

Do you ever sit back and take notice of the people that God has put in my life.  My family and friends are the greatest ever.

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The three people that read this blog on a regular basis are sick of me talking about the "More Than A Rock Star" series, but I just wanted to share some after thoughts:

  • The three week series was designed as an outreach series. We did our best to take our creativity to the next level with our set, videos, music, skits, and give-a-ways.
  • Every week, the band opened the service with a cover song and knocked it out of the park. They covered "You Found Me" by The Fray, "It Ends Tonight" by The All American Rejects, and "Dead And Gone" by T.I. and Justin Timberlake. It was incredible how each song added to the night and helped prepare the students for what God wanted to do. We caught some.
  • Having an ongoing skit running before the messages was awesome and really helped to tie things together. HUGE shout out to Katie for writing those and Kyle and Lizzie for their awesome acting abilities.
  • We worked really hard to have lots of things to remember this series by. Our "All Access" passes and our custom guitar picks were the icing on the cake.
  • Really proud of Thrive students for inviting so many friends not only this past Wednesday but all month long. We averaged 69 students for this series with a high night of 96. The most impressive number is the 10 that made decisions to follow Jesus.

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