This year I really feel like God has put on my heart that it is "not a year of chance" for Thrive.  Everything we do has to be very strategic and on purpose.  After praying and dreaming we have written down 13 shifts and points of focus for this year.  They are things that we become our DNA and the filter we run our ideas and events through.    We are not going to preach these but try to live them in everything we do. We do not expect the students to memorize them or recite them but we want it to be a part of who we are.

1) Go Deeper - We are going to focus on Discipleship and our deepening our relationship with Jesus.

2) Go Further - Missions will be a big part of who we will be in 2013

3) Be Open - Open our arms to all people instead close our eyes to people that do not dress or act like us.

4) Care More - We are going to walk with each other through life.

5) Be Excellent - Every detail matters to God.

6) Loose Ourselves - Its not about us.

7) Be Change - We can not just see the change that needs to happen and then expect someone else to do it.

8) See The Best - Be positive in every situation.

9) Want More - Never be satisfied with where we are at in our walk with God.

10) Dream Bigger - We serve a big God!

11) Laugh Louder - Fun and memories should be a byproduct of all we do.

12) Serve More - We have to give ourselves away.

13) Be Us - God has not called us to be anyone else.

Formula for success:

God + Hard Work + Sacrifice x Laughs = An Incredible Year

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There is a verse in Psalms that I can not shake as we have entered into 2013.  As I pray and meditate it keeps coming back to me:

Psalms 127:1, "Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builder is wasted.  Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.

Unless the Lord....the work is wasted.  The question I keep asking is how much work have I wasted?  Unless the Lord builds it is pointless.  I do not want anything I do or set out to do anything this year that God is not involved in.

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Every year I set new goals around this time of year. I seem to meet about half of them and then forget about the other half around March. This year I did want to do that. I want this year to be different. This year instead of goals or a resolution I have a New Year's prayer.

"God, change me."

It's not profound and earth shaking I know but it is something that can be transforming for me.  Most of the time we pray for God to change a circumstance or situation but really we should be praying for God to change us.  When God changes us we can then change things around us. God does desire to change things in your life but He wants to change you and then empower you to bring change.

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