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Wednesday nights just keep getting better! You could sense something special tonight. It was the last night of the Game On Series and Formal night. There were some decked out students in the house tonight. From prom dresses to tuxes, everyone looked really sharp tonight. I was so proud of the students that answered the call to go deeper tonight. I was blown away by their willingness to "go all in" in every spiritual aspect of their lives.

Here are some things we talked about:
Too many times we sit at the table of life and are so unsure about the "hand that was dealt us" that we hold pieces of our lives back. We hold parts of our past, parts of our callings, parts of our talents, all because we do not trust our "hand." In Matthew 26:6 we find the story of a woman that went "all in" with her life.

They were hanging out at Simon "The Leper's" house. Though Simon no longer had Leprosy he still had the label. Be careful not to find your identity in the label of our past. You do not have to be who others say you are.

This woman did not let what others thought of her or said about her stand in her way. She knew who Jesus was and what He had done in her life and did not let anything stand in her way.

She not only let go of her past, she broke it. There was no way of piecing that box back together or putting that perfume back in. Sometimes letting go is not enough.

Upcoming Events:
Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA. Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals. You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next week we begin a new series call "Mixed Signals" and it will run throughout November. Should be interesting. has pictures from the Game On Series and the cookout up. Also has weekly updates.

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"Never make someone your PRIORITY while allowing yourself to be their OPTION."

I borrowed this quote from a friend of mine to share a few things with you. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several discussions about relationships, friendships, and life events with people in my life. I feel like this quote kinda sums up the main point of all my advice.

It is important to connect with people in life and we are all searching for meaningful connections. However, sometimes I think we get so zealous for companionship or a close friend, that we just lower our standards and accept relationships that are not in our best interest.

I think we all know what it is like to be the only one without a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even the only one without a real best friend (a.k.a BFF). This is usually the point when we throw our personal standards out the window and consider how to make unhealthy relationships work. We start to justify why the relationship could work, all the while knowing in our hearts it was never meant to be.

I have been exposed recently to the pain of people, whom I love, removing me from their priority list. Life gets busy and things happen, but those you love should always be a priority for you and never an option. When God sends you the right friend or companion, you won't have to wonder if you are a priority--you will know you are one!

So are there people in your life that are priorities and you are their option? Healthy, meaningful relationships should always be priorities.


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Why do people keep settling for less than what they are called to?  I can not for the life of me figure out what in us thinks that mediocre is okay.

Why do we keep doing the same things over and over and over and over and over again and expect change?  At some point in life you have to stop the insanity.

What is Youth Ministry going to look like next week, next month, next year?  I am not happy with what has "always worked" in Student Ministries.

What is it going to take to impact the Youth Culture of Henry County?

What is the best way to connect students to God, families, and Stockbridge Assembly?

What is it going to take for me to go to the next level as a leader and Youth Pastor?  How can I be a better communicator.  With both preaching and everyday interactions.

How can I make the most out of every moment?  Soak in every memory?  I feel like I miss things.

What question are you asking?

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Today is my Mom's Birthday, so I wanted to say I have one of the most awesome Mom's in the world and I love her!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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Lately, God has been really stretching me. I have been praying and asking myself what success looks like in Student Ministry in today's generation. I had this original thought about a year ago but it has been stirring in my soul again this weekend so I thought I would write about it. I have been taking a deep look at how a student today will gauge the success of a Youth Pastor.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. it will not be correct all the way across the board. Some of the ages will crossover and culture and background will play a huge part as well. You can disagree with me.

The "builder generation," born between 1925-1945, gauges the success of a minister by their ability to communicate. They will deem him successful by how well they can preach. If you listen closely you will hear this in the way that they title a minister. "Hey preacher, that was a good sermon today." Their ability to preach the gospel with power and authority is the key to success for them. I believe that is why tent revivals and camp meetings were so successful.

The "boomer generation," born between 1946 - 1965 and Generation X, born between 1966 - 1979, gauges the success of a minister by their ability to lead. You will often hear a shift in their title, they have shifted from preacher - to pastor. They are still affective communicators, but their knowledge of leadership has to be broader. I believe this was the reason for the birthing of the mega-church and the corporate model leadership in a church. Revivals have given way to conferences and Evangelists have given way to Consultants.

The Millennials, born 1979 and on will not gauge success like any other generation. They will gauge the success of a minister by relationship. They will look at a minister's relationship with people and with Jesus: How transparent and honest they were, how approachable they were, how relational they were. I believe this generation doesn't care how good you can preach or how many John Maxwell books you have read, they want to know that you love them and care about them. They want to see you walk out your Faith in everyday life. They do not care about the size of your church but the size of your heart.

These are just some thoughts and opinions I am having. How do you judge success?

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Time flies when you are having fun.  This week flew by again.

God is speaking some HUGE things to be right now.  I am holding them really close to my heart and going to sort them out over the next couple of months.

I work with one of the most awesome Pastor's in the world.  I am convinced that God knows what He is doing.

Wednesday night was an awesome night.  I am looking forward to what next Wednesday night holds.

Working on an awesome series for November.

Got to see some people that are really special to me Thursday night.

I am helping with the PK (pastor's kids) retreat today.  Carrying a bunch of Pastor's Kids to Six Flags.  Probably going to be a lot of stories come from this trip.

Get to hang with the Pollock family this weekend.  I am very excited about chilling with Chris

Grilling out and watching a movie with the students of Uth Force tomorrow night at our house.

This week I have to work in the Youth Hall and work on some leadership structure.  Got to make some phone calls to some very smart people.

I loved Friday.  Cold, rainy, and lots of rest.

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

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Benny Perez wrote about finding rest for your soul here.


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Craig Groeschel - You Don't Have What It Takes: part 1

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Scott Hodge - Becoming: Missional Practices

Daryl Marin - The Freak Show: Half Man, Half Monster


Axiom - Bill Hybels

The Voice of Matthew - Lauren Winner

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Wednesday night was out of the park awesome. It was week 2 of our Game On Series and it was Wacky Tacky Night. Blown away by the tackiness of the students tonight. They did an awesome job with all of their attire. God was challenging and stretching us on many levels. I was really proud of the students for answering the call and stepping up to be "Contenders." I was blown away by the prayers that were prayed and I am convinced that Stockbridge will never be the same.

Here are some things we talked about:
We have a choice everyday of our lives to be a pretender or a contender. In 1 Samuel 17 we find the famous story of David and Goliath. In that story, David chose to be a contender while the Army of Israel were pretenders. Pretenders fight just to survive, while contenders fight to thrive. Here are some other differences....

The pretender looks the part but never steps up...
...a contender doesn't look like much but never backs down.
Israel looked like an army, dressed like an army, shouted like an army, but did not fight like an army.

The pretender listens to and accepts the terms of the enemy...
...the contender doesn't listen to the enemy, they stand on the Word of God.
Israel outnumbered the Philistines two to one. Why didn't they ALL attack Goliath?

The pretender seeks ease and safety over security...
...the contender seeks security over safety.
God did not promise us safety, but He did promise us security.

The pretender is numb to the battle around them and more concerned with their own gain...
...the contender is more concerned with the battle than his/her own personal life.
Numbness is the beginning stages of death.

The pretender allows the fox holes that are dug for battle to become ruts of routine....
...the contender does not get stuck in ruts but moves quickly into battle.
The only difference between a rut and a grave, is it's depth.

Upcoming Events:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next Wednesday we continue our Game On Series and its formal night.

Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA. Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals. You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping.

Sunday October 26th is a cookout and movie night at our house. It will start at 5 p.m. You can email me or call me for directions. is up and rolling. I am working to have podcasts up soon and we will have pictures up by the weekend. You can also getting weekly updates and follow us on your cell phones @

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St. Francis prayed:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master,grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

If only I could live the life of this prayer!

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A better Follower of Christ - There are times that I get in my routine and a rut is formed. I get stuck. I try to look for new ways to approach my relationship with Jesus so that ruts are not formed. I have to ask myself everyday if I am living a life that is worth Jesus dying for?

A better husband - I do not deserve the awesome wife that God has blessed me with. She has to put up with a lot of junk from me. Ministry can take it's toll on a minister's wife on top of just everyday things she deals with. I strive to not take her for granted and do the best I can to provide and protect her. I fall short a lot.

A better leader - Leadership is not something that comes easy or natural to me. I have to find books, podcasts, blogs, or whatever else I can find to expand my way of thinking. I want to be stretched like never before.

A better Youth Pastor - The weight and burden of the call to this generation is heavy. I have to balance motivation and burnout on a regular basis. I am constantly praying, thinking, looking for new ways to reach students with the love of Christ. What reached them last year, last month, even last week will not be good enough. This is the generation that will change the world, they deserve my best.

A better friend - God has really blessed me with some awesome people in my life and I stink at being a good friend. There are so many times that I have good intentions and horrible follow through. I am working on acting when I think. If I am thinking about someone, I need to call them then, not put it off until later.

A better me - No one else can do me like me. I have to remind myself everyday that God created me to be me. He always has the people that I look up to, read, or listen to. He does not need another one of them. He needs me to be me. I struggle a lot because I do not think I am good enough sometimes.

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God has been doing some really neat things around me and in me here lately. I want to share some aspects of my life with you.....

What drives me...

A desire to see this generation in a deep love affair with God. I want to see students understand their potential and the call that is on their lives to change their world.

People that have been given up on. I love to see the long shot make it. I cheer for the underdog.

To love the unloved and make a place for the unwanted. There is something about the forgotten and broken. People are so easily overlooked today. No one should ever fall through the cracks.

The fact that one choice, one decision affects a lifetime.

What ticks me off...

Spiritual Warfare. Satan loves to wreck people's lives.

Selfish people. People that are only consumed with self preservation and can not see outside of their small worlds.

When people just talk and do nothing to back it up. Do not just talk the talk, walk the walk. Do not tell me you have a heart to change the world but your actions do not back it up.

We know right from wrong and yet we still choose to do wrong.

Jesus is misrepresented and it is called church for the sake of profit.

People let their indecision make their decisions for them.

What bothers me...

There are people that are going to bed hungry tonight and it has nothing to do with bad choices but everything to do with circumstances.

There are students that are going to Hell.

People will walk away from their dreams because they think people do not believe in them. I want to be a dream facilitator.

Liquor Stores can work together but churches can not.

What drive you, ticks you off, and bothers you?

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I am currently in a season of my life where God is teaching me how to wait on Him. Not everything has worked out according to my timeframes and I am trying not to be impatient or even frustrated. I know that God has a plan for my life, but my human nature is to want it immediately rather than wait for His perfect timing.

Waiting cultivates new characteristics in our lives. It has taught me how to completely trust God and not be surprised when he comes through for me. It has also reminded me of the goodness of God and how I should never take that for granted. Waiting is also creating a more patient heart in me that is becoming a little slower to anger and worry. I know that while I wait, I have no idea of the miracles God is working on my behalf.

Pastor Steven spoke yesterday on being able to close your eyes and see the dreams and visions God has given you. I am being challenged everyday to connect with God and see through his eyes rather than feel frustrated with my current circumstances. What are you waiting on God to do in your life? Are there people or events you are learning to wait for? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and see what God has promised you and hold onto it!

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This has been probably the fastest seven days of my life

The new house is starting to feel more like home as time goes by

I am loving this weather.  Fall/Early Winter is my favorite time of the year.

Paige is down in Blakely, GA teaching an Impact Class (for Foster Parents) and Justin came up to spend the weekend.  Last night we grilled steaks and watched Iron Man.  We are manly dudes!

God has blown me away this week with His awesomeness.  Everywhere I have turned I have found His love, mercy, favor, blessing, and protection.  I know it is always there but it has really stood out to me this week.

Wednesday night was awesome.  Good turnout, great support of "Homecoming Month."  Incredible service.  I can not wait to see what it is going to happen this coming Wednesday.

I love that God has called me to Stockbridge.  The students are amazing, the people are really cool, my Pastor and family are awesome.  I am really excited about the future of this church and this city.

Thursday, I got to eat lunch with one of my heroes.  He is a guy that believed in my early on and when I get around him I feel like I could accomplish anything. 

Took Friday off.  Really needed the rest.  Still recovering from moving.

A friend called last night and had an extra ticket to the GA game.  Only if He would have called a few days ago........

Chillin this morning and the heading to a football game this afternoon.

Tonight we are going to burn something in the fire pit.  This is turned into one of my favorite things to do to relax.

Fired up about tomorrow and then what next week could hold.

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My friend Stephanie blogged about "bad days" here.

Anna Meadows wrote about "insecurity sucks" here.

Al Force hit the nail on the head about "the spoiled church" here.

Mark Batterson blogged about "three translations" here.

Andy Stanley - Mutual Submission

Mike Rakes - Spiritual Intelligence: part 1

Dino Rizzo - Psalms 23

Rob Bell - Shine Like Stars

Scott Hodge - Becoming: Generosity


The Voice of Matthew - Lauren Winner

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Great night!  I considered Wednesday night our first "real" Youth Service.  It was the kick off of the Game On Series and the first Wednesday night of Homecoming Month.  Really proud of the students for the way they dressed up in their school spirit.  We had cheerleaders, face-paint, body paint, jerseys, and my personal favorite was Robin, who is home schooled, came wearing a cardboard cut out of her house.  Also, I was super excited about how the students engaged in worship.  Great foundational night, I feel like it will only get better from here.  I am stoked about what God is doing and grateful that He called us here.

Here are some things we talked about:
1 Samuel 14 tells the story of two different people that made two different choices.  Saul chose to stay on the bench and Jonathan chose to "get in the game."

Choosing to stay on the bench in your Christian walk is choosing to let your friends that are far from God, spend eternity separated from God.

There are some things that you needs to know about "getting in the game"

Know whose team you are on - Jonathan stepped out for God and God stepped up for him

Do not play alone - Jonathan took his armor bearer with him.  God did not wire us to live life solo.

You can not blend in - News flash: You can not be a camouflage Christian and impact the world.

You have to be willing to change your position - You can not have the safety of the bench and play in the game - you are going to have to get hit.

Upcoming events:
Next Wednesday night we continue with our Game On series and it is Wacky Tacky night.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA.  Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals.  You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping.

Sunday October 26th is a cookout and movie night at our house.  It will start at 5 p.m.  You can email me or call me for directions. is up and rolling.  I am working to have podcasts up next week.  You can also getting weekly updates and follow us on your cell phones @

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So far this week we have talked about throwing stuff away that we have acquired and did not need and not doing life alone. Today I want to end "Lessons From Moving" by talking about unpacking. We all, whether we want to admit it or not, compartmentalize our life. We have these boxes in our souls that we place certain things in. Family things go into this box, relationship things go into this box, church things go into this box, so forth and so on. There is one box that we usually have that we do not like to talk about: the "hurt" box. The box where we put all of our pains and bad experiences.

That is a box that we never open and we always ignore. That is a box we need to unpack the most. The longer you seem to ignore this box, the heavier it gets. We will call this our junk box, it has DO NOT OPEN written really big on the side of it. As we are on this journey called life, we get slowed down because our junk box gets heavier and heavier.

We are afraid that if we open it, we will have to relive all the hurt and pain that we went through before. We all believe in self-preservation of our emotions so oftentimes we just act like it is not there. The problem is when we keep ignoring it, it becomes so heavy we become stuck in one spot, paralyzed by our past failures and pain.

Today, I am going to go through my junk box in my soul. I am going to unpack some things that are weighing me down. Will it hurt? Yes. Will I like it? More than likely no. Do I have to? Yes, if I want to be who God has called me to be and do what God has called me to do.

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This is a lesson that I have known for a while but was reminded of during the move. You cannot move alone. You are not meant to live alone either. Genesis 2:18 says, "The LORD God said, It is not good for man to be alone."

So many times we think that we have it all under control. We believe that we do not need any help from anyone else. If I would have tried to move alone, I would not have gotten very much loaded. More than likely, I would have hurt myself and damaged a lot of things in the process. Same way in life. When you go at life alone, you either end up hurting yourself or the people around you. You were not built to fly solo.

I do not know what I would not have done if Brandon and Mark would not have shown up to help load. I would have ran out of energy and strained myself. If I did not have friends around me to help carry the emotional and mental loads of life, I would bog down on a daily basis. I would have been lost if my friend, Chris, did not show up and help me rearrange the truck. He saw things from a different perspective. Without people who can look at your life from the outside in and speak to the areas you can not see that well, our lives become a jumbled mess.

The friends that came to unload and unpack were just as important. They came just at the right time. As we were getting extremely tired they stepped on the scene and took a HUGE load off. God always has a way to send the right people at the right time. It might be a kind word, an encouraging phone call, or just a good sit down talk.   What would we have done without Stephanie and Justin?  Show up when she is needed the most.  Make huge sacrifices, and give up valuable time to help.  Those are the friends that will do anything for you and know how to help the most.  Then last but not least, I would not know what to do without my family. They were with us from start to finish. There are people in your life that will never leave you. These are the people that we often take for granted and overlook.

I want to encourage you and challenge you to look around your life and take notice of the people that God has blessed you with. Be aware of those people your surround yourself with, they will either help you or hurt you in life.

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Last week was "Move Week." Lots of packing, loading, cleaning, unloading, unpacking, and more cleaning. Though it wore all of us out, it was a rather smooth move. Not a lot of snags or hang ups. In between the cardboard boxes, packing tape, and other stuff, God showed me some pretty cool lessons I want to share with you guys this week.

I realized while packing that we have a lot of junk. This is not the first time we have moved. For some strange reason, every time we move, we move with more stuff. It seems to just multiply over time. And the sad thing is, they are things that we will never use. Things that we do not need. Things that are just taking up space or weighing boxes down. Things that could be thrown away and not missed.

I truly believe that each of us have things like this in our lives as well. Things that over time have just showed up. Some things we are not even sure where they came from. They are weighing us down and taking up unnecessary space. Some of us have been dragging around this excess baggage for some time now. There are things that have weighed us down long enough.

It might be time for a "spring cleaning" of the soul. Lay stuff down, let things go that have just seemed to stick with us. We might even have some emotional attachment to it, but it does not mean we have to keep it anymore. I have things in my life that I am trying to lay down today. Just when I think that I have thrown all my emotional baggage away, I find something I have forgotten.

My challenge to you today is simple, not easy. Look deep within yourself and see what you need to throw away. It might take several trips, but I believe that you will feel a lot better when you start traveling light.

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Well, we are finally getting settled into our new home in Stockbridge, Georgia and now it is my turn to write again.  Yay!  Through our time of transition, God has been stirring some new thoughts in my mind I want to share with you.  I have been in church my whole life and Kingdom principles have been a mainstay for me.  However, over the years through hurts and trials, I have glossed over a very vital principle . . . .Timing!  

God definitely has special plans and a specific destiny for each of us, but without his perfect timing, it is nothing.  As each new day unfolds in this next chapter of my life, I am reminded that God has gone before me and has everything under control.  Some aspects have not unfolded like I thought they should have, but God is reteaching me about his perfect timing. Every time I start to worry and fret, He sends the answer to me at just the right time. I am amazed at how God cares for every detail of my life, even when I am unsure.

Of course, the waiting is never fun and it seems endless at times, but just know that God has your miracle.  He is waiting on the perfect time to unfold his perfection in your life.  I am trusting him more and more each day and He always comes through.

I challenge you to look deep within yourself and evaluate some things.  Is God trying to reveal his plans for your life? What answers or miracles are you waiting on?

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What a week!

First of all, I want to thank all the guys and gals who were guest bloggers for us this week.  We will do it again soon.

Well, we officially live in Stockbridge.

Moving is one of the hardest things in the world.  It wears you out not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

I am grateful for everyone that came and helped us load and unload.  I have some of the most awesome friends in the world.

The house we moved into sits up on a hill and we could not get the u-haul up it.  We have to off load stuff in the bed of my truck, pull up the hill, and then unload that in the house.  AHHH!

My parents are the most incredible parents ever.  They have been with us since Wednesday and have helped us load, clean, unload, and unpack.  I do not know what I would do without them.

Paige's parents are coming today.  They are going to help us put the finishing touches of things and bring Laney.

The house we moved too has surround sound built in.  Can you say AWESOME!!!!!

My parents bought us a fire pit as a house warming present.  We set outside by the fire last night and watched planes fly around the sky.

I have not been this excited about an upcoming week in a long time.  I am ready for routine, I am ready to hit the ground running, I am ready to see students lives changed!

I was reminded all week of God's provision and grace.

I could type a lot more but I am not.  Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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Most everyone has an idea of how creation went down, at least as far as the biblical explanation is concerned.  I was reading through the account a few nights ago; I do that from time to time.  I watched classic poetry become live right beneath my nose.  It seems this bible God left us speaks volumes, especially when you are experiencing things for the first time in life. I’m not going to type the whole story from beginning to end, but I want to share the portions that sparked new life into familiar passages.  

It starts:  

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Then He proceeded to separate the land from the sea.  

(here comes the “new” part for me)

Then God said, “Let the land sprout with vegetation- every sort of seed-bearing plant, and tress that grow seed-bearing fruit.  These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came.”  And that is what happened.  The land produced vegetation-all sorts of seed-bearing fruit.  Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind.  And God saw that it was good.

He made lights for the night and the day next

Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life.  Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.”  So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird-each producing offspring of the same kind.  And God saw that it was good.  Then God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply.  Let the fish fill the seas and let the birds multiply on the earth.”

We’re starting to develop a pattern here…

Then God said, “Let the earth produce every sort of animal, each producing offspring of the same kind-livestock, small animals that scurry along the ground, and wild animals.”  And that is what happened.  God made all sorts of wild animals, livestock, and small animals, each able to produce offspring of the same kind.  And God saw that it was good.   

God is creating, and then He blesses the creation to create.

Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like ourselves…  Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply.  Fill the earth and govern it.”    

I know that’s a lot of scripture for a blog, but it really is beautiful.  I’ll try and keep it short.  So, lying in my bed that night, I think God showed me some things.  Here they are.  

From the beginning of, well everything, God has been creating.  So a loving God created the earth and everything in it.  The most amazing part of all being, He created each “thing” to then create more.  Each living thing granted a beautiful gift, which was to be active in making the future.  It’s true; we were made in God’s image.  An image that says we can create a future that will breathe life into lives that are void and shapeless.  We are to be active in creating the most beautiful future we are capable of.  

We are created to love and live.  We are made to give life and add beauty to a broken world.  We are created to work with passion and vigor, but also to rest as our maker did.  Our lives are built to build.  So, as simply as I can put it; May we be active in making a world that loves and let’s go.  May we create memories where we laugh from the bottom of our souls, even though tears dampen our cheeks.  And most importantly, may we be active in creating love that creates and creates and creates.

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I have this fear
This fear that Christians today are turning the lost against Christianity.
We all have moments of hypocrisy,selfishness, anger, vengenance,and so on, but we MUST come over these things. Laying everything aside so that the light of Christ shines through us into this dark and desperate world. Many Christians walk around flaunting the name of Christ, but not really living for Him. The bride of Christ has become so concerned with becoming popular or having the coolest outreach programs that the lost are completely overlooked. It is our calling to put nothing before Christ, but instead put Him in the center of everything. Worshipping Him with everything we say, everything we do, and everything we think.
I am reminded of Galatians 6:14, "But as for me, I will never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world." Seeking the cross with everything in us, boasting about nothing but the love of Christ is a challenge, but something we must do. Sure, awkward silences and funny looks will happen, but it is worth it. To know you have shown Christ to a lost person is way better than the weird look or jokes that tend to be made. The world doesn't understand why we seek Him, but its just "what we do." Showing the Gospel, not for prideful reasons but out of a love for Christ and others.
We should be completely "spent" for Christ, using all we have for His cause. As Paul writes in 2 Cor. 12: 15, "I will most gladly spend and be spent for you, If I love you more, am I to be loved less?"
I pray we all seek humility, boldness, and love so that we might be completely be "spent" and show the world Christ's enduring love.

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Hello world! I am today’s “guest blogger” so I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe you can vouch for me making a return visit through comments or other means. Haha.

This past weekend I went down to Florida to watch 2 of my friends get married on the beach and after sleeping on it for one night, I have to say that it was the best weekend of my life. My girlfriend Lindsey and I drove down to Florida on Saturday and the road we took snaked right along the coast and we got to see some beautiful sights and it was very neat and refreshing.

The wedding happened right at sunset and the waves were the only music we had. The whole ceremony lasted maybe 20 minutes, but it was packed with such emotion, and love, and hope that you know there was something special about the whole thing. That is what I envision love to be. Something raw and simple and not built up and more than an emotion or a kiss, but something that you can’t really understand but you just know it’s real.

Lindsey, Justin, Renae, and I went to eat Sunday before we left and had some aaaa-mazing pizza then we found some beach that looked like it had never been touched. It was honestly the prettiest beach I have ever been too. We were the only people there and we just stood in the ocean and talked and laughed and had a really good time. Personally it was very refreshing. Just to be out with some of my best friends and enjoy the simple things in life. The whole experience was very much needed for me. I think God liked it too because we were just enjoying His art and His creation and being in the company of other people and friends. I think that God smiles when we appreciate the small things. All too often, our lives can become so busy that we forget the things that really matter. Friends, family, hobbies, a much needed hug, catching up with an old friend; these are the simple things that we need to learn to appreciate.

I don’t really know where this blog is going or even if you will get anything out of it, but this is what has been going on in my life and I figured I would share it with you guys because Eric said I could write about anything I wanted to. Haha. So I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope your day is spectacular.


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We’ve all heard “friends don’t let friends _____”. Drive drunk, pop their collars, hold hands… 

The Bible calls us to be true friends who love deeply (Rom 12).  But what is a true friend? Someone who weeps when you weep, laughs when you laugh, listens when you vent? These are all certainly traits of a true friend, but when I dig deeper than my 2nd grade Sunday school class (sorry Mrs. Bonnie), I begin to wonder what this should look like in my day-to-day.

What if I practiced “playing second fiddle”, letting my friends have the spotlight? What if I didn’t try to top a joke that my sister tells or wear a dress slightly prettier than my friend’s? What if I listened more than I speak and encouraged my friends more than I complain along with them? What if I prayed for others more than I pray for my own needs? What if I truly grasped a selfless mindset and servant’s heart? How different would my attitude and actions be?

…I’d probably have more friends… and Mrs. Bonnie would be proud.

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I’m a person helper.

(People pleaser) 

I like to do what I can to make others happy.  Get them coffee, drive them to their girlfriends house, make them dinner. Acts of Service: It’s my love language. I’m also words of affirmation. It works out for both when they tell me “thank you”.
(if they tell me “thank you”)

I like to be there for people. I enjoy being counted on, while not counted out. Being useful, while not being used. Being trusted, while not trusting (I’m working on that one. I like to listen more than speak)

(How must God feel?)

So many times I count on Him for my ‘needs’, but count Him out of my daily decisions. My faith shows its usefulness in my valley times, but ends up being taken for granted when I’m up on my mountain. He gives me the free will to trust completely in his unfailing love, but in my desperation, I trust in my own understandings (idiot)

Lately I’ve been learning the art of balancing people’s reliance on me. While also learning the art of complete reliance on Him. It’s a good feeling.

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Well if this last 3 weeks have not been crazy enough, this week is going to put it over the top. We will load up the u-haul on Wednesday and then moving to Stockbridge on Thursday. As you can tell by the title of our Blog, life is never normal. I am not looking for normal, but what I am looking for is routine again. I am looking for balance. Over the last week and a half I have clocked over 1500 miles and slept in a hotel for the last 8 nights.

Today I have the privilege of speaking at my home church, First Assembly of God in Adel, GA. It has been eight years since I have spoke there and I am really excited. This is where Paige and I met, grew up, fell in love, got married, and God laid our foundation for ministry.

I am excited about this week on our Blog. Since life is going to be crazy, I have asked some friends of mine to be guest bloggers. These guys and gals are not only going to change the world one day, they are doing it today. If they are the future of church and ministry then our better days are ahead of us.

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This week has flown by

I know I am "county come to town" when I am excited about seeing two different oceans in the same week.

I was on the Atlantic Coast Monday and Tuesday and we are on the Gulf Coast this weekend.

Had an awesome bike ride with my Dad first of the week. Went 500 miles round trip. Road Jekyll, Sea, and St Simon's Island.

Spent Wednesday in Stockbridge. I AM READY TO LIVE THERE!

Youth Service was really cool. We had a "town hall" meeting and talked about the direction of the ministry, what Wednesday night should look like, and what events we wanted to do.

Doing Bailey and Amber's wedding today. It is going to be beautiful. They are awesome I am really honored and blown away to get to have a part in their lives.

They say there are biting flies down here on the beach. That is not going to be fun.

I am really excited to hang out with some students from Echo this weekend.

Get to speak at my home church tomorrow morning. That is going to be cool. I have not spoke at First Assembly in Adel in 8 years.

Major packing left to do at the house Monday and Tuesday. Loading the U-haul Wednesday.

Got everything set up and turned on this week at the house in Stockbridge.

This is a cool weekend for us, hope you are have an awesome one too!

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Jim Raley blogged about "Your Story" here.

Mark Batterson wrote about "Perhaps The Lord" here.

Chris Elrod talks about "Playing Above Your Game" here.

Josh Griffin blogged about "52 links every Youth Leader Needs" here.

Mark Batterson - Wild Goose Chase, Cage of Guilt

Richard Crisco - Don't Loose Your Song

Erwin McManus - Failing Forward, Failure

Judah Smith - Behind Closed Doors

Andy Stanley - Assumptions


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Last night was a really cool night at Uth Force.  We had a "Town Hall" meeting and talked about where we are heading as a ministry, what we want Wednesday nights to look like, and what events we want to do.

Here are some things we talked about:
Building a community that will be inviting to our friends and also welcoming to the Holy Spirit

Opening a coffee bar and game room on Wednesday night.

Paige beginning to build our Worship Band.

Keeping some events that have been done in the past like Coffee House, Awakening, White Water Rafting, and Fast-a-thon.

Introducing new events like world's largest food fight and turkey bowl.

Upcoming Events:
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New Series: Game On and Homecoming Month start October 15th.  Wednesday night Oct 15th is school spirit night.  Come dressed in your school colors, jerseys, etc and win an itunes or Starbucks gift card.  Bring a friend double your chances.

Youth Convention is November 21-22 at Christ Chapel in Macon, GA.  Cost is $60 and that covers registration, gas, hotel, and two meals.  You need money for Saturday lunch, snacks, and shopping. and our podcasts will be up in 2 - 3 weeks.

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I had to write this blog and share a little piece of my life with you. As we are preparing to move, I had not finalized my job situation in Stockbridge. I wrote the blog about blind faith on Monday night and then yesterday my faith was put to the test. God closed the door on my job here in Albany and I was not prepared for the situation to play out like it did. My human instinct was to underestimate God and try to come up with plan B, C, and D, if necessary.

As I lay awake last night praying and still trying to come up with creative ways to gain employment in my new home, I realized that I had not gone to the source for my answers. God began to show me that my underestimation of Him and His plans was not "practicing what I had been preaching" about faith. In my personal fear of the unknown, God has begun to remind me of how faithful He is and how futile my plans are.

Yesterday's fear of unemployment quickly changed into today's job opportunities and interviews. Out of nowhere today, God has been reminding me of his plans. I have been overwhelmed with every phone call, text, and email requesting me to do contract work, come for an interview, or fill out an application for an opening.

If you are reading this and you are uncertain about some areas of your life, take a deep breath and force yourself to wait on God. He really is there, waiting to reveal his plans in your life. Even on the rough days, He is still faithful and working miracles on your behalf. The steps of the righteous are ordered of him, so hold your head up and put your faith to the test. I know I will remember the past 48 hours next time I underestimate the power of my God.

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Monday and Tuesday of this week, I went on a motorcycle ride with my Dad.  We went over to Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, and Sea Island.  It was a great ride.  We enjoy the time away, the scenery, and most of all each other's company.

I realized something while riding.  My perspective on my bike is different than my perspective in my truck.  Things look a little different.  When I am riding my motorcycle I tend to pay attention to details.  Things that are usually overlooked while driving down the road are a lot more obvious in the open air.  I have been to that area tons of times and on this trip I saw things I have never seen before.

How many of us need a different perspective on things we are going through?  Need to see it from a different angle.  Sometime if you will step back from the situation it will look different.  Psalms 34:3 says, "O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."  As you change you perspective, and focus more on God, He becomes bigger and your circumstance becomes smaller.

Need a change in your perspective?  Then step back, focus on God and let Him focus on your problem.  God is teaching me more and more that if I would just get out of the way, He has everything under control.

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