I came to Adel to see my family for 24 hrs. Heading back to Stockbridge this afternoon.

My Mom made me a home made red velvet, seriously awesome.

It may snow tomorrow. That would be a great Birthday present!

Feel like I got a lot accomplished this week.

Very excited about the leader's meeting tomorrow night. Thrive is going to the next level and I am convinced that we as leaders have to go there first.

Hate that FCA got cancelled Thursday morning at Stockbridge High School. I love speaking at FCA. God used FCA to call me in the ministry.

Loved preaching again Wednesday night. It had been 3 weeks since I have preached in Thrive.

Launched takethedare.net this week to go along with the "I Dare You" series that is kicking off Wednesday.

So excited about I Dare You.  I really believe this series will change Thrive as we know it.

I was suppose to preach in Alabama at a retreat this weekend but it fell through. Kinda glad to spend some time with my family and be home on my birthday.

There are some awesome things coming for Thrive. I can not wait to see what the future holds.

Went and saw Madea Goes To Jail Thursday night.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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  • What an awesome night.
  • There is something that is building around Thrive.  I honestly believe that we are on the edge of something incredible.
  • The band is getting better and better.  Adding a new member next week.  Excited about that.
  • Have not preached in three week.  It was tough finding my groove and I really do not feel like I ever did.
  • One of our first times guests bragged to her friend that brought her on how friendly everyone was.  That is the ultimate compliment.
  • Everything really seemed to gel last night.
  • I can not wait to start I Dare You next week.
What we talked about:
We ended our Extraordinary series by talking about how to be extraordinary when you feel so inadequate.  Every is born ordinary.  Only a few die extraordinary.

We took some wisdom from Hebrews 12:1-2 on what to do:
  • Get loose - let go of the things that hold us down and hold us back.
  • Get moving - the longer you sit still the harder it is to find your motivation.
  • Get focused - understand why you do what you do.  That is the only thing that will keep you going when things get tough.
What's coming up:
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Next week we will kick off the "I Dare You" series.  This series will not be like any series we have ever done in Thrive.  There will be a devotional and fasting guide that will run parallel with each week called The Dare and we will meet every Tuesday night to pray for our ministry, our schools, our city, and our families.  It is going to be awesome!

Next week will take up our Extraordinary Speed-the-Light offering.  Students will bring everything that they raised through the month of February.

For more information you can go to thriveyouthchurch.com

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Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of YOUR heart."

Was there something in life that you desired so deeply that you thought life would never be the same if you desire was not met? My desires have transitioned from superficial things to external things and events to a new dimension down deep in my soul. Getting caught up in life and a society that preaches "the American dream" has led me to question my desires and if God is really listening to me. The past few days, God has corrected me and challenged my way of thinking. I have always focused on receiving the desires of my heart, which has led me into a constant state of wanting.

The real focus should be on delighting myself in the Lord and becoming in tune with the heart beat of God. His desires are higher than my own. I have been trying to chart my own plan for life according to the world's standards of happiness and success. I have been missing out on an opportunity to dream, while wide awake, with my Creator. Each day is a new opportunity I plan to seize in not only delighting in God but also dreaming with Him . . . God has an amazing purpose for me and HIS plan for my life is more extraordinary than I could have dreamed alone.

What are your desires? Are you allowing God to give you His dreams for your life? What desires is He trying to give to you today?

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Wrestling With The Definition of Revival

This is how Webster defines revival:

1: an act or instance of reviving : the state of being revived: as a: renewed attention to or interest in something b: a new presentation or publication of something old c (1): a period of renewed religious interest (2): an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings
2: restoration of force, validity, or effect (as to a contract)
This how the church (in my opinion) defines revival:
To pray hard for souls and then watch them flood into the church by droves from out of nowhere.DISCLAIMER: This is not how all churches define it, this is just what I have seen over the years
What does all of this have to do with relationships? I am glad that you have stuck around long enough to ask. I believe the way we view "revival" negates building relationships with people. I believe we have used it as an excuse to not be involved with the people that do not have a relationship with Jesus. I believe that we are praying for and crying to God for something that He has called us to do. We sit and pray when He has called us to GO and love. I am not discounting the power of prayer. Prayer is one of the most important elements in the life of a Christ Follower. I think that our prayer needs to shift. Instead of praying that God send "revival" and expecting people just to start flooding into our churches, we need to pray for a burden for those that are far from God. We need to be praying that we see people the way God sees them and love them with the love of God.
Before all you haters start emailing me and correcting me, understand what I am truly saying. I am not "anti" the Holy Spirit moving in a mighty way in our services. He has control of my life, my ministry, and every service that I am in. It is one of the mandates on my own life to stay sensitive to His leading. I am not condemning great moves of the Holy Spirit that are in the past or that we have witnessed in our lifetime. I am saying that praying for "revival" and for people to come into a loving relationship with God is not an excuse to stay shut up inside of your church buildings. As Perry Noble would say, "Quit asking God to do the things that He has commanded us to do." Quit allowing revival to be your excuse for laziness.
Go, love, serve, tell. Be the hands and feet of God. Be the Church!

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Correction Capital

There is a rule that I lived by in Student Ministries over the  years.  Rules without relationship leads to rebellion.  That means that you have to earn the right to speak into someone's life.  People are not interested in your opinion unless you have taken an interest in their life.  When you choose to do life with someone, you build up capital to have the privilege to speak into their life.  When you just stand on the sidelines and shout directions without getting into the game, no one takes your directions seriously.

They say that in this high paced world that we live in we have lost the ability to relate to people.  They say that we have lost the ability to have true genuine relationships and community.  Who are "they"?  And what world are "they" living in?  There is a huge desire for authentic friendships, people are searching everywhere for someone that genuinely cares about them and their life.

The true issue is that the people that are speaking the loudest are not the people that have earned the right.  They are spending capital that they do not have.  People are not listening to them because they will not sit down, take off the mask, and be authentic.  People want to know people before they give them a seat in their life.  They want to know where you have walked and what you have been through.  They want to know that they can trust your wisdom and you are not just a know-it-all.

This week, I challenge you to do not just shout from the sidelines, get in the game.  Get in people's life.  Start building capital.

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Relationships matter.

Like a church sign says here in Stockbridge, "You never see a hearst with a luggage rack." You cannot carry any of your possessions with you when you die. The only thing that you will take with you are relationships. When you stand before the judgment seat of God, you will be judged on your relationship with His Son and how you share your relationship with others.

Next to Jesus, nothing affects your destiny more than your relationships, who you allow to influence and affect your life. I have heard it said, "Show me your five closest friends, and I will show you your future." We have a tendency to let people, who are in our lives, help steer our lives. If that be the case, then we need to take a good look at who is driving this ship.

Relationships can get messy. Being apart of people's lives can be a burden at times. But it makes life worth it when you get to celebrate a victory that you have been helping a friend fight for. There is nothing like someone you love coming beside you when you are tired and do not think you can take another step and encouraging you to press on.

Relationships in life are all that really matter. Money will be spent, things will fade or break, but it is friendships that stand the test of time.

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So glad I got to sleep in this morning.

The Winter Encounter was awesome!

Really enjoyed getting away for a couple of day, unplugging from everything, and hearing from God.

General Coffee State Park in Douglas, GA is one of my favorite places.

Had a grill and chill night Wednesday.  The weather was horrible.  Second Wednesday night in a row that we have had a tornado warning.

Thursday a fire extinguisher went off in the Fellowship Hall.  Not good!

Thursday afternoon I got to hang out with some student from Thrive and film the intro video for our March series.

Speaking of March, I am really looking forward to our series.  I Dare You will has the potential to change our ministry as we know it.

Going on a motorcycle ride this afternoon once it warms up some.  Got to clear my head about a couple of things.

I have not preached in Thrive in 3 weeks.  I might preach for 3 hours Wednesday night.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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Luke 10:38-42, "As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said. But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me, Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

In the last couple of weeks I have been more like Martha than Mary. There have been more days that I have gotten it wrong than right. I have allowed the Ministry of the Lord, at times, to come before the Lord of the Ministry. I will go to bed tonight tired and worn out. I will go to bed tonight stressed and overwhelmed. I will get up tomorrow and try to choose what is better. I will get up tomorrow and spend some time sitting at the feet of Jesus.

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  • Last night we had a Grill and Chill Night because school was out all week and we were at the Winter Encounter this week.
  • The weather was horrible and really hurt our attendance, but everyone who battled the weather had a blast.
  • Played Girls vs. Guys "Scene It". Girls barely won from what I heard.
  • I love nights like last night because students get to know each other and build community that sometimes doesn't get built with a service.
  • Really looking forward to next week. Have not preached on Wednesday night in three weeks. I might preach for 2 hours next week.
Upcoming Events
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High School Small Group is Monday night at 7 p.m. at our house.

If you are taking the Extraordinary Challenge (raising $100 for Speed-the-Light) we will be taking up our offering on March 5th.

March's series is "I Dare You" and it is a series that will change our ministry as we know it.

For more information you can check out thriveyouthchurch.com

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You can check out the rest of the pictures from the Winter Encounter on the Thrive website.

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Dear Relevant Post-Modern Christian,

Thank you for making Christianity cool. Thank you for updating our image. I just have some questions for you really. Do I really have to loosen my morals to really walk in the freedom that Jesus came to bring? Just because I chose to have standards, does that mean that I am religious and legalistic? Do I really have to sit down with someone and drink a cold beer with them to build a relationship? I believe there has to be other ways for me to "relate" to someone without comprising my beliefs. I am not trying to make an issue out of drinking or condemning you for what you believe, but please do not condemn me either. I think it is awesome that you wear all the really cool clothes, I wish they made them in my size as well. I agree with you that we need to do more to relate to people where they are, but God still has a plan for the local church. I really get tired of you bashing it all the time. Understand that we are the church and the church still is the Bridge of Christ. I hear you say all the time that you do not have a problem with Jesus but you hate church. Well, the issue with that is like telling a man you really like him, but his wife is an idiot. Be careful, to not run so far away from conventional, traditional church that you become set in religion on the other side of the pendulum.


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Dear Doubter,

You have truly inspired me through the years. There have been days that I have wanted to throw in the towel and walk away, but I heard your voice in my head. I remembered what you said and I know I can prove you wrong. You have spoken through different people and said it in different ways. I am not sure if you know it or not but the things you said really hurt and have haunted me through the years. I am sure that I am not the only person that you have doubted, but I wonder how many peoples' dreams you have crushed because you are miserable in your own life? How many bright futures have you dimmed because you did not know how to control your own mouth. You need to realize that there is power in the words that you speak. That we all are accountable for the things that we say. You might have been the driving force in my life, but there is a good chance you were the wrecking force in someone else's. I am not looking for apologizes, but what I am asking of you is to think before you speak. If your mind goes silent, please do not forget to turn off the volume of your mouth. Please step back and analyze your ability to either build someone up or tear them down. A good way to judge whether I am truly talking to you or not is to take an inventory of the lives that are around you.


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This week I need to get a couple of things off my chest. There are a few things I need to vent about. Just a warning. There are some letters that I need to write this week. They are not personal and are not directed to any particular person, ministry, or church. These letters are open and are solely based on how I feel.

Dear Super Spiritual Christian,

I am so glad that God speaks to you, but do you have to act like you are the only one He speaks to? Do you not understand that your "word" from God to me should only be confirmation about what God is already speaking in my life? If it does not bare witness in my soul, then I am just going to take it that you have become over-zealous and have gotten ahead of God. I understand that it is about you right now, and the spotlight is enticing. I am also glad that you are up to date on the latest in the Church culture and speak Christianese fluently. You do understand that the rest of the world looks at you like you are crazy. You do understand that you have lost the ability to communicate effectively with the people that you are supposed to be sharing the love of God with the most? Does the term "so Heavenly-minded you are no earthly good" mean anything to you? By now, you are cracking open your Bible and misquoting scripture to justify what you do. Understand, I have nothing against you. I love you, I love God, but I also love the people that are far from God that He has mandated for us to reach, the people you are freaking out. This makes it harder on the rest of us. If there is anyway for you to stop, take a step back and see life through their eyes, see them through Jesus' eyes, you will realize real quick that it is not about "your" word, your form of worship, or even how much you know about God. It is about how much you love God. You cannot detach a love for God's people from your love for God. Thanks for hearing me out.


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Happy Valentine's Day!

Life is very crazy right now, but I would not have it any other way.

God spoke to me years ago about the fight for this generation and He reminded this week, "This fight is not for the popular, it is for the passionate."  It is a fight!

Pastor Steven spoke Wednesday night in Thrive and did an awesome job!

Justin and family came through Tuesday and I got to have coffee with them.  It was good to get to spend some time with them.

Got news of something yesterday and really burdened my heart.  Reminds me that the statement, "But for the Grace of God" applies to us all.

Have to go shopping for Paige's Valentine's Day present in a little.  I know I am a horrible husband.

Got a lot to do today to get ready for the retreat.  Leaving tomorrow, I am so ready to be there.  It is going to be awesome.

Really nervous about speaking in the morning for some reason.  The message is really heavy on my heart.

Next weekend my Dad and I are going on a motorcycle ride for a couple of day.  I need that right now.

February is almost gone and I can not account for much at all this month.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Do not take things personally.

This is something that I struggle with a lot. When something happens, especially if it is something that we do not agree with, a lot of times we take it personally. We not only take it personally, but we like to put a face on it. Somebody to carry the blame.

The issue is, when we put a person or face with the problem, bitterness takes root. When the problem becomes a person and not a situation, it is harder to let go of. It is easier for us to become the victim. When we become the victim, we move out of where God wants us, and our stance in life becomes a selfish one. The issue, inevitably, if left unresolved, will take you away from who God has called you to be and what He has called you to do. Who is big enough or has hurt you bad enough to keep you out of Heaven? To separate you from God's love and grace? Who is that important in life, that they can become bigger than God to you?

Had a really wise Pastor tell me one time that people are not our enemy. Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Who do you need to let go of today? Who do you need to forgive?

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Our Winter Encounter is Sunday through Tuesday. I am really looking forward to this event for several reasons:

  • Get to hang out with some of the most awesome students in the world for a couple of days
  • Believe we are going to have a powerful encounter with God. We will never be the same.
  • Get to hear from one of the one most creative Youth Pastors and best speakers I know for two services.
  • We will spend two days away from the internet, TV, and unplugged from everything.
  • We will have a tentative schedule, but the focus of the trip is drawing closer to God and closer with each other.
  • The temperature is going to be perfect.
  • There will be lots of stories and memories made in these 48 hours.

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  • Pastor Steven spoke last night and knocked it out of the park!
  • I love to sit back and watch Thrive Students worship.
  • We are seeing God do some really deep things in students' lives.
  • The band did a new song last night and it was awesome. Really proud at what those guys are doing and how they are gelling.
  • Really proud to see how the different groups of students are starting to mesh with each other and build relationships with each other.
  • There is a real sense that God is doing something and is about to do something HUGE in us and with us.
Upcoming Events:

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Next Wednesday night we are having a Grill & Chill Night in Thrive Youth Church. Bring a friend and we will see you there.

Winter Encounter will be February 15-17 at General Coffee State Park. Cost is $45 and covers everything except for traveling meals.

High School iGrow will meet Monday night February 23rd at Eric and Paige's house.

For more information or to download our podcast, you can go to thriveyouthchurch.com

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You do not have all the answer and you are not always right.

This is my 10th year of full-time ministry and 13th year of ministry total. In that time I have lived in four cities and served at four very different churches, with five very uniquely different men of God. I have been exposed to several different styles of ministry and there is one thing that I find true, if Jesus is the center focus, how can any of them be wrong?

There is a problem in the church when we condemn a style of ministry that we do not agree with or do not fit in with. Just because there is a style that is different that yours, it doesn't mean that others are wrong and you are right. We have a tendency to focus on contemporary or traditional, or emergent or conventional as the only "right" way to do ministry. We get stuck in the rut of whether a church is pentecostal, seeker sensitive, or post-modern and then if it is not the style we are comfortable with, we bash it.

My favorite is when we try to class Jesus as a certain style, or say He used a certain method. When we say those kinds of things, we cheapen who Jesus was and what He did. The quicker we learn that it is not about you, or the style you like, the quicker we learn that it is ALL about Him and the people He loves. It takes all styles to reach all people. If there is style you are not comfortable with, it does not make it wrong and just because there is style you have been successful with, does not mean you have all the answers.

A wise man once told me:

There has to be unity in the essentials

There has to be liberty in the non-essentials

And in all things there must be love.

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As leaders in Youth Ministry our students are unedited versions of us.

What does that mean? Unedited versions of us? It means, who we are when no one else is looking. Who we are when we are alone. The students that you are pouring into will not only pick up your traits that you want them to, but they will also inherit the characteristics you are not proud of. They will adopt some things out of your life that only you and God know about.

This idea became a reality to me a couple of years ago. Walking with some students through different aspects of their life and having to correct some students about things they were dealing with, caused me to take a long look in the mirror. I was noticing that a lot of the things that the students were dealing with was amplified versions of the things that I was dealing with personally.

At that moment I had a HUGE reality check. It really caused me to evaluate my life, my relationships, my actions, and my walk with Jesus. No matter what level of leadership you are in this principal is true. If it is found in your life, it will come out in your ministry. The opposite is true as well, if there is a lack in your life, there will be a lack in your ministry.

What does the unedited version of you look like?

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If we are going to raise up spiritual giants we are going to have to raise the bar.

It was that thought that captured my soul Thursday night. In Youth Ministry one of hardest questions you ask yourself is if you are being too tough on your students? Are you holding them to too high of standards? Are you asking too much from them? Then I think, the band, sports teams, or schools do not have a hard time holding students to a higher standard, why should the church? I learned several years ago that whenever you choose to raise the bar too, your students will live up or down to it. This generation is not afraid of a challenge. They are not afraid of a cause to fight for, or a cause to live for. They are actually looking for one.

Over the years my expectations have changed. They have honestly gotten bigger. I expect more out of this generation. I believe with all of my heart that this is the generation that will change the world, they are capable of HUGE things. It is my heart to raise up spiritual giants, so I will raise the bar every chance I get. I will not allow students to settle for mediocre. I will try my hardest to show them the way with my life.

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My Pastor often reminds me that we are on a journey. As a church, as a family, as friends, and as individuals we are constantly going somewhere. Even when you are not aware of it, life is a journey and the things around you are changing. Change is about the only things that will stay the same. The thought occurred to me the other day that I am not the same person I was 6 months ago. I am not even the same person I was a week ago.

Everything that I go through, good or bad, has an affect on me. The choice is mine whether I allow it to mold me or to scar me. I have a choice whether what I am walking through will be a stumbling block or a launching pad for the next season of my life. A lot of times you do not have any control over the situations and the circumstances that you are walking through, but you do have control over your perspective and your attitude towards those things. You do have control over the choices that you make.

This week I would like to spend some time and talk about other things that I have learned and have seen on this journey that I am on.

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This week was crazier than last week was.

Had meeting Monday that some HUGE ideas come out of.  March, April, and May are going to be crazy around Thrive.

Really glad that we are able to podcast now.

Tuesday was Paige's birthday.

Took her to Bahama Breeze Tuesday night.  Really impressed, that was my first time eating there.

Wednesday a ministry team from South Port Master's Commission in South Port England came in and did service for us and did an awesome job.  The leader of the ministry and one of the students grew up in our youth ministry in Jesup, GA.

Thursday I took them sight seeing in Atlanta.  Visited Martin Luther King Jr Museum, Centennial Park, and The Varsity.  I love The Varsity.

Had the privilege to attend a young ministers forum Friday morning about the direction of The Assemblies of God.  I am excited about the changes that are coming and I am honored to be a part of it.  It was good to get to hang with my friends for the day as well.

My parents came into town last night and we are meeting Paige's parents in North Atlanta for supper tonight.

Been doing some thinking about leadership this week.  I will probably blog about it in the weeks to come.  Had this thought, "If we are going to lead spiritual giants, you are going to have to raise the bar."

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Who is speaking into your life?  Who can you count on to be there for you no matter what?  Nothing affects your destiny more than the people you allow to influence your life.  Thursday night I was reminded how fortunate I am to have Chris Pollock in my life.  Here is what he told me while we were having a deep leadership conversation:

Be careful, thinking leads to wondering and wondering leads to pondering.  Pondering leads to questioning, and questioning leads to searching.  Searching leads to dreaming, dreaming leads to passion.  Passion leads to purpose, purpose leads to vision and requires a leader.  It is a long and hard process, that is why there are so few leader.
So who is your Chris Pollock?  Who is shaping your call and your future?

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  • Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week.
  • The extraordinary backdrop looked awesome. Sharon, Kayla, and Amy did an awesome job.
  • Big thank you to Robin who helped me clean this week and rearrange some things in the Youth Building.
  • We had 10 people come to the meeting about the Mission's Trip to Bogota, Colombia.
  • Tonight we had a Ministry Team from South Port Master's Commission in South Port, England.
  • I am convinced that we are going to hear life-changing stories come out of the encounter students had with God tonight.
Upcoming Events:
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We kick off our small groups this Sunday night with our Middle School small group. They will be meeting at our house at 6 p.m. There will be a video, discussion questions, lots of friends and junk food.

Winter Encounter will be February 15-17 at General Coffee State Park. Cost is $45 and covers everything except for traveling meals.

Pastor Steven will be speaking next Wednesday night at Thrive Youth Church.

For more information or to download our podcast, you can go to thriveyouthchurch.com

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I am my own worst enemy.

I am my worst critic.

I am forever second guessing myself.

I am always harder on myself than anyone else.

I am always over thinking and over analyzing situations.

I am always letting what other people think and say dictate what I do.

The issue with living like this is that I am always quashing and minimizing the dreams and ideas that God is giving me. I am constantly trying to convince myself that I am not good enough or capable to handle what God has called me to. I put myself into a box.

When we begin to rely on God. When we begin to do things out of our own abilities we defeat our worst enemy, we defeat ourselves. As long as we try to handle the situations that we face on our own we are limiting God and His ability.

I heard it said a long time ago and it stands true today. God does not call the equip, He equips the called. What is it that He has equipped you to do?

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1440. That is how many minutes are in a day. The average person is conscious for 960 minutes of the day. Over the last couple of days I have found myself playing catch up quite a bit. I have found myself trying to find a way to add more hours to my days. It has me questioning how affective am I being at seizing every opportunity.

Leonard Ravenhill once said that the opportunity of a lifetime can only be seized in the lifetime of an opportunity. Those words are ringing in my soul very loudly. I have found myself caught up in the chaos of my day and missing opportunities that God is placing in front of me.

Tonight I will go to bed tired and worn out from the busyness that I tried to call a productive day. Tomorrow I will wake up to a fresh 960 minutes that God has set before me. Will I respond or react? Will I look or will I see? Will I listen or will I hear? Will I steer my day or allow it to run me? How will I seize the opportunity of a lifetime tomorrow?

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Just wanted to take a minute to wish my beautiful wife a Happy Birthday!

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"Are we humans or are we dancers? My sign is vital, my hands are cold and I'm on my knees looking for the answer. Are we humans or are we dancers?" These are lyrics from the Killers' current release of "Human."

As I listened to this song on the radio this morning on the way to work, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How many days do we dance to the music of our culture and just go with the flow? How many opportunities to stand out and be unique have I missed because I was too busy dancing to chords of life? This song has stirred some deep emotions in me that I am currently sifting through.

There have been several new things in my life that have created additional joy, stress, and responsibility as of lately. I started a new job, which requires a lot of commitment to the process, my sister moved away, which has left me a little hurt, and we are launching a totally new facet of our ministry, which is amazing and stressful. Life is just really complicated some days. I realized today that I am just dancing. The music of life has been drowning out that soft whisper from God that keeps me focused, on the right path, and my attitude in check.

As I have pondered on these issues that I have been burying beneath busy-ness, I have started digging deep back to my core. Your core is simply the root of who you are and what gives balance to all the appendages of your life. Being human has a new definition for me, starting today! Now being human means that I am not perfect, but I am unique and created for a specific purpose. My life is in vain if I simply exist, my mission is to be passionate about life and thrive to the best of my ability.

Are you a human or are you a dancer?

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Been asking myself lately why do I live my life out in the open on the internet? Just thought I would share some thoughts of why I do what I do online.

Facebook - This is a great way to stay in touch with people. Not only that, it connects you with people you may have lost touch with over the years. Just in the last week, I have been able to connect with friends I have not talked to in a long time.

Twitter - I have gotten a lot of grief over twitter but I really love it. Not only is it great for staying connected, venting, and communicating, but it allows me insight into great thinkers' minds. Most of the people that I follow on twitter are much smarter than me and I will probably never have the chance to share a cup of coffee with them, but because of their willingness to share, I can get fresh perspective. Not only all of that, but it helps me stay connected and communicate with the students of Thrive.

Blogging - A month or so ago I shared why I blog here. This blog helps me not only stay focused but it helps me put my thoughts on paper so to speak. Blogging on a daily basis helps me stay in a routine. I have learned of the years that I function so much better in routine.

Over the years I have grown up in a "glass house." Growing up this way taught me may things:
  • There will be days where you wish you had bigger curtains.
  • You have to know why you do all that you do.
  • There are people that you do have to answer to.
  • You have to be careful walking around in your underwear.

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