New Year's Resolutions is not a bandwagon thing for me. It is somethings that I enjoy doing every year. I believe by setting goals for myself and then looking back throughout the year helps me stay focused. In 2009 I met all my goals except one. This year I have broken them down into categories of physical, spiritual, emotional, and education. I know that it sounds crazy but I believe that it is the best way for me to become who God called me to be in 2010.

I would not only like to loose weight but I would like to be in better shape. I am no dummy, I realize the older I get the more my weight becomes a time bombe for me. How will I do this? I have to learn how to change my eating habits and patterns. I HAVE to go to the gym 3-4 times a week EVERY week. This is something that I have to quit talking about and start being passionate about.

Read through a yearly devotion with Scripture reading intertwine. I would also like to complete five Bible reading plans. I love this website, I can read at my own pace, journal, and track my progress. I would like to take one personal prayer and fasting retreat. I did this several years ago and really loved it.

I know this is a crazy category but for me rest is more about emotional health than spiritual health. I would like to take two weeks of vacation this year. One week travel somewhere like we normally do, but one week have a "staycation." Get things done around the house and rest at home. I would like for Paige and I to have at least two weekend get-a-ways as well.
I am going to try to cut back on my "one-sided relationships" (as a friend put it) this year as well.

Begin college. I would like to pursue a Bachelor's degree. I am currently researching several university that will allow me to do it online. I would also like to read 20 books this year. That is about a book every six weeks.

These are just a couple of my goals for 2010, what are some of yours?

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Around this time of year a lot of people start reflected and looking forward all at the same time. Some people are ready for 2009 to get out of here with promises of a better 2010 and others are hoping for the same results in the new years as they have seen in the former. I believe that we it is healthy to look back during these time of seasons. The best way to learn where you are going is to see where you have been. Learn from your mistakes and be energized by your victories. Look at the valleys you have walked through and know that you can do it again if it is necessary and breath in the mountain tops again and be refreshed.

Here are some of the highlights of 2009 for me:

Played Broomball for the first time and scored a goal

Got to see Dawn, Paul, Derek, and the rest of the team from Southport England's Master's

Commission. Former students of RSM pursuing God's call on their life. So proud of them.

It snowed on my birthday. What a present!

Played flag football in Centennial Park in the snow on Spring Break.

Got my heart broken time and time again, only to see God put the pieces back together.

Hosted Rockstar night in Thrive and saw 100's of students playing Guitar Hero and worshipping.

Hung out with my awesome friends for a couple of days in Columbus at District Council.

My best friend had my first book published.

Got an awesome prank pulled on me by Sally and the boy's team at the Amazing Race.

Was reminded time and time again how awesome my Pastor and his family are.

Friends became family.

Saw a record number of students from all over Georgia come and let God rock their lives at camp.

Learned that life is full of seasons. Nature does not fight the seasons, and I should not either.

Spent 10 days in Bogota Colombia. Will never be the same!

Enjoy multiple Braves games in Turner Field. Glad I am living this close.

Celebrated 10 years with the most awesome, beautiful, hottest wife in the world.

Finished my third and final year of GSOM (Georgia School of Ministry).

Watched as God opened door after door in the schools.

Got to speak to the Henry County football team at a prayer breakfast on multiple occasions.

Spent a week in Pigeon Forge, TN with Paige on vacation. Reading and resting.

Watched 35 students fast for 24 hours, seek God with all their hearts, and serve like true Disciples.

Road through the Mountains of Georgia and North Caroline with my Dad, Brad, and Chris.

Hung out with my PK's (pastor's kids) and others from all Georgia at Stone Mountain.

Was blown away by a Church Family that has such a heart for their community that they would
serve at a Harvest Festival in the soaking rain.

Watched 35 Pastors, Youth Pastors, and Leaders ride a bike from Atlanta to Alabama. Would have rode back but Hurricane Ida came through.

Preached for a friend in South Georgia and watched God called and challenge students.

Loved spending the Holidays with my family.

Watched as Thrive Students pulled off their biggest event yet. 125 students at the Blizzard'09 and 18 giving their live to Christ.

Passed my Ordination test and interview.

Continue to be amazed at God's hand and favor that is on my life.

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In January Thrive will dream their biggest dream and launch their biggest series. 2010 will be a year that we never forget.

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Mark Batterson wrote a great post on the Status Quo Bias here.

Scott Williams blogged about The Art of Leadership here.

Chris Elrod wrote about Healthy Things in the ministry here.

My Pastor blogged about Voices we listen to here.

The Monkey And The Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church
Dave Gibbons

Primal: A Quest For The Lost Soul of Christianity
Mark Batterson

Follow Me To Freedom: Leading as an Ordinary Radical
Shane Claiborne & John Perkins

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Christmas Superstitions
  • January 6 is the date when Christmas decorations should come down. Supertitions say that it is bad luck to leave it for another day or take it down before that date.
  • If you are under the mistletoe with someone of the opposite sex, you should be kissed. Otherwise, you will both have bad luck.
  • At midnight on Christmas Eve, all the doors of the house should be opened to let out evil spirits.
New Year Superstitions
  • You must eat something leafy and green on New Year's Day. That will bring you money or riches during the year, and you won't have to worry about paying bills.
  • Your house should be clean and there should be no dirty clothes in the house on New Year's Day. This is for good luck.
  • The first person to come into your house on New Year's Day should be a man. Anything else is bad luck.
  • A candle should be placed in a window to burn all night long from 12 o'clock midnight. This will guarantee the household's luck for another year.
My family has practiced some of these superstitions and some other ones as well. What are some Holiday Superstitions that your family practices?

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Hope you are recovering from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Hope you got everything that you needed, enjoyed your time with your family, and will get plenty of rest. Leave the lights up one more day and enjoy the silence of the day after Christmas. If you have a gift to return, it can wait until next week. Rest today.

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We have had a great Christmas but I have to be honest, I am sort of glad it is over.

Got a Kindle from Paige. That thing is awesome. Been reading like a wild man.

Spend a couple of days in North GA with Paige's parents and we are in South GA with my family.

Ready to be back in Stockbridge this evening. I love seeing and visiting with family but I love being home as well.

Monday was a fun day. Thrive students and leaders went downtown Atlanta to ice skate and then to Southlake Mall.

Tuesday I cleaned my office and wrapped some things up for this year. We had our staff lunch at Red Lobster. I really get to work with some of the greatest people in the world.

Tuesday night Paige and I went and saw Disney's Christmas Carol. I had heard mixed reviews but I loved the movie. It was probably my favorite one.

Looking forward to some rest and planning this coming up week.

Really excited about Wednesday night's service and Thrive New Year's throw down.

Hope you are recovering from the Holiday Hangover.

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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I just wanted to tell you thank you for journeying through this advent season with us. Thank you for allowing us to share snippets of our life with you. It is our prayer that you were blessed, that you embraced this season in new and fresh ways, and that God was glorified in the highest way possible.

It is our prayer that you are your family have a very Merry Christmas. Whatever you choose to do during this season enjoy it with all your heart.

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Bible Reading:

Luke 2:1-20

May what I just read be more than I story in
history. May in come alive each day in my
life and through my life. You are the Liberating
King who came to set the captives free, who
came to open blind eyes and heal deaf ears. May
I give You proper honor and glory on this day.
Thank You for not only setting me free but for
allowing me to be a part of Your mission

Allow me to hear Your call clearly today. Give
me the grace and wisdom to navigate this journey
not just in this Advent season but for all of my
days. May I make Your name famous. Thank You
for the blessings and peace that You have give me.

In Jesus' Name we pray....

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 9:6-7

You came to bring joy and peace. You came
to establish Your Kingdom here on earth. Where
sin and apathy run rampant, may your love
and grace abound. Give us the understanding
of Your coming. May we embrace this season
in a way that we never have before.

Make Your presence a reality in my life and in
the lives of the people around me. Help me
to share Your peace and love this Holiday season.

In Your Son's Name we pray....

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Bible Reading:

Ephesians 2:1-10

Gracious Mighty God, Your sent Your only Son
to bring us life and life to the fullest. Help me
to live that life. May my life bring glory to You.
Help me to live a life that allow Your light to
shine brightly through it.

May my focus be on You. Remove any distractions
that are in my life. Take away anything that takes
my attention away from You.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Bible Reading:
Psalm 89:1-4

Father, may we celebrate the birth of Your Son in
love and purity this week. May I walk in the freedom
that You have given me. May I love with the love and
grace that You have shown me. May I never take for
granted Your mercy that is every lasting.

May I see life through Your eyes this week. My I feel
the compassion for Your people with Your heart like
never before.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Bible Reading:

Zephaniah 3:14-20

Father, heading into this last week of the Advent
season, may I be aware of everything that is going
on around me. May I be aware of Your presence
like never before. May my focus be on You and the
birth of Your Son. May it be on the story of
obedience and redemption and how my life should
reflect that.

May I say yes as Mary did when I am faced with the
choice to obey you. You are the one that eases my
doubts and calms my fears. You are the passion of
my soul. Feel me with the light of Your presence and
light it shine for all the see.

In Your Son's Name we pray....

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This is it, the last week of the Advent Season. Actually there is only 6 days left until Christmas. My goal this season has been to find intimacy in the middle of the busiest season of the year. I challenge you to not only reflect of the story of Christmas found in Luke 2 and Matthew 1, but reflect of the things that are in our lives. Lets heighten the awareness of the things that are going on in our lives.

Christmas for you probably has changed throughout the years of your life. The innocents is lost and the business is increased. Loved ones have passed on and traditions have been forgotten. But there is one constant of the season. There would be no Christmas without birth of Jesus. We would not give any gifts if God hadn't given us the greatest gift of all. The Christmas season is what you make of it. No one can ever replace the loved ones in your life that are gone, but thank God for the new people that you have met and do life with. Traditions are forgotten and make room for you to start new ones.

For some Christmas is just another day. For others you are dreading the time with family because of the tension that comes with it. For some it will be the best day of the year, full of family, friends, and lots of memories. I encourage you this week to find the bright spots. To make the best out of what this season holds for you. Remember Jesus did not reject our world that was full of greed and poverty, but came to make a difference. Let us carry on His name and keep making the impact that He has called us to make.

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One of my favorite people in the and one of the greatest Kid's Pastors in the entire world wrote a couple of posts about Santa Claus here and I wanted to weigh in. I have some thoughts about all the Big Guy from the North Pole:

He's a stalker - He sees you when you are sleeping, He knows when your awake. He knows when you've been bad or good. This dude is watching us all the time, that creeps me out.

He's a great burglar - He will come down your chimney and if you do not have a chimney he will get in your house some how. How has this guy not went to jail.

He is a fashion disaster - Big guys should not wear red, they look like the Kool-Aide guy. Black is more slimming.

He is a little strange - He lets little kids that he does not know sit on his lap and takes there pictures. When is that okay?

He might be a vampire - He only works at night. He is either going to star in the next Twilight saga or he is actually a repo man. Either way I do not think he's seen the sun.

He is an egomaniac - He announces to everyone when he is coming and he wants you to leave him treats.

He is actually evil - Santa and Satan has the same letters.

Whether you believe in him or not. Whether you choose to recognize him as a part of Christmas or not, Santa is fun. I do not believe that you are going to scar your kids by letting them believe. Hope you are having a great Christmas season.

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 12

Father, you have shown the world the splendor
of Your glory by sending us Your Son to redeem
the world. May the life that I live break glory
to you and proclaim your goodness.

Remind me today that you work ALL things
together for Your glory. May I share the joy
that You have given me with everyone I meet.
Allow my life to be the star that points everyone
to you.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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We finally have internet in the house again! Today is a good day!

I got some blogging to catch up on.

This was a monster of the week!

Went through the Ordination process the first part of the week. Monday had a Sectional interview with my Presbytery. Then Tuesday went to the District Office in Macon, GA for my test and State interview. Everything went smoothly.

This week was also The Blizzard. The biggest service of the year. We had 125 students and 18 made a decision to follow after Jesus. Our students and leaders did an incredible job making that night a HUGE success.

A big thank you to Andy Williams from Soul Sister Sally for coming and playing the drums for us. That dude rocks!

Clean up was not that bad. Patric, Robin, Lezlea, Rachel, and Jordan made it easy.

Last night we went and hung out with some really good friends from camp. I loved watching the kids that work at camp go from wild and crazy teenagers to young adults. I am proud of them.

Got all of Paige's Christmas shopping done yesterday. I am a fish out of water in the mall. Just saying.

This is Christmas week. I am starting to feel the Christmas Spirit build up.

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Bible Reading:

Psalm 96

Mighty God, You are so awesome
and powerful. It was by Your hand
that everything was created. Thank
You for Your protection and provision.
Thank You for the blessing and favor that
is on my life.

During this season may I not get caught up
in the hustle and bustle that comes with the
consumerism and commercialism. May I
find the true meaning for the season again.
Renew Your love in my heart again today.

In Your Sons Name we pray....

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Bible Reading:

1 Peter 1:3-9

Father, creator and redeemer of us all.
Thank you for sending Your send to save
us from the power of sin and death. Give me
a passion for Your Word so I am know
You better.

I lay my life down at Your feet once again.
Have your way. Guide my steps. My plans
are Your plans. Give me the wisdom and
humility to be Your servant.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Tonight is the biggest service of the year for Thrive. A lot of people have asked what the Blizzard is. Let me see if I can explain it:

  • We decorate our Youth Center like a snow storm hit it.
  • We have a have free pizza and drinks for every students that comes.
  • There will be snow cotton candy.
  • Every student will leave with a Christmas present from Thrive.
  • We have special guests that come help us with worship.
  • There will be a dramatic message that goes with the theme.
  • Lots and lots of students from all over Henry County.

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Bible Reading:

Psalm 66

Father, I place all my hope and trust in you.
You alone are the source of my strength and joy.
You alone are the source of life. Help me to
remember that throughout the day. Let your
peace be my constant reminder that you
are in control.

I stand on Your promises for my life. I cling
to the cross that sets me free. I will no longer
be bound by the things that I held me captive.
My I experience the fullness of Your joy today.

In Jesus' Name we pray....

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 55:9-13

Gracious God, help me to remember that today
is full of new opportunities. Remind me that You
are in control. That You hold everything in
Your hands. That everything works together
for Your glory.

Help me to exalt You and ignore my selfish desires.
Give me the courage to live a life of mercy and
grace. Give me the strength to help the helpless,
to love the unloved, and have a heart for the hurting.

In Your Sons Name I pray....

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Bible Reading:

John 16:5-8

Father, may the light of our lives point others
to you. May the light of your love be freeing for
people bound in darkness. I rejoice in the
in the victories that you have brought into my
life. Remind me to today that my battle is actually
Yours to fight. That you have already won.

You are so faithful in Your love for me.
Light the way that is before me, put my feet on the
right path, and guide my every step. I give my plans
to You. Have Your way.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Bible Reading:

Habakkuk 3

God, we are celebrating the birth of Your Son,
may we realize anew the joy of salvation.
Thank you for the blessings that You have given
me, may I never take for granted Your hand
that is on my life. You are the joy of my soul
and I know that through Your love that I am
held and protected by you.

You are my rock and my refuge. May I live my
life in such a way that I point others to You.
Clear the clutter that is in my life that would
distract my from hearing Your voice in my heart

In Your Son's Name we pray...

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Today is "Gaudete Sunday." Gaudete means rejoice in Latin. Even we were lighting an Advent candle in the wreath today it would be the rose colored one. This week we take time and reflect on the joy that the coming of the Lord brings. That the Lord came to bring joy and fullness to us all. We are called as His followers to do the same for those around us. In a season that is full of consumerism and commercialism, it is our responsibility to point people to the message of the season. It is our call to be the candy that is light in dark places.

In a season that we are trying to pack as much stuff in a few weeks as possible, we make ourselves miserable. May we show the world around us that we can have joy this time of year. Every morning this week take time and reflect of this. Ask God to give you opportunities to share the joy that He has given you.

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I am in the middle of one of the most stressful chaotic weeks of my life. I will be okay, I tend to work better when there is pressure.

Has not felt like Christmas at all until last night when Paige and I went to Atlantic Station. Enjoyed may time with my awesome hot wife and all the Christmas decorations they have up.

Wednesday night was awesome. Island of Misfit Toys was a HUGE success. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week by far.

Got to feed the Woodland Middle School Basketball Teams yesterday. Very grateful for the doors that God has opened in my life and in our ministry.

Had this thought Friday while cooking, "never pray for God to open a door that you are not willing to walk through."

Thursday night I got to support some of our Stockbridge High students at their chorus concert. They did a really good job.

The busier life gets the more I just want to sit in a quiet place and listen to God.

I am missing my family this week a lot for some reason.

Hope you are staying warm and having a good weekend.

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Bible Reading:
Isaiah 52:7-10

Father, You sent Your Son to bring hope to
the hopeless, love to the unloved, and salvation
to us all. Help me to share what You have done
in my life with everyone I meet. May I be
passionate for the things that You are passionate

Make Your presence a reality in my life. May I
be aware of You at all times. May I not take for
granted Your hand that is working in my life.
Thank you for Your call that You have placed on
my life.

In Your Son's Name we pray...

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Bible Reading:

2 Corinthians 1:2-5

Gracious God, may we live a life that is pleasing
to you. May I be guided by the light of Your
Word. Give me the humility to be lead by
You and the wisdom to learn from those around

I am grateful that I can trust You to guide my
every step. That You will protect me and provide
for me on this journey.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Bible Reading

Zechariah 9:9-17

Lord, may we experience the full joy of
Your love. Help us to better serve you and
one another. Let all I do and say point other
people to You. May my life be a light in a
dark place.

Thank You for Your blessings that you
have given me. Thank You for hearing and
answering my prayers. Thank You for
reminding me that through You that nothing
is impossible.

In Your Son's Name we pray...

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Bible Reading

Isaiah 42:1-9

Father, let us not be discouraged by our
weakness. May we stand steadfast in your
love. May we help those around us walk in
the freedom that we have experienced
through You.

I stand in awe of your love and power.
I am amazed by your grace and mercy.
Grant me hope in this Advent season.
I want you to be my focus and I want my
life to glorify you.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Bible Reading:

Jeremiah 33:7-16

Father, help us to look forward and not backwards.
Help us to see what You have for us today and not be
stuck in yesterday. Show us new opportunities to share
Your love, Your hope, and Your mercy today. Today
You make all things new, and for that I give You praise.

My desire is not to be a better leader, it is to be a better
follower of You. To know You more deeply. To love
You with all my heart. To go where you call me to go and
do what you have called me to do.

In Your Son's Name we pray

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Bible Reading:

Philippians 4:4-7

Lord, help us walk in the freedom that you have
given us. May our desire be your desire. May
we be vessels of hope to the hopeless. Help us
to show love to the unloved.

I need Your courage to stand in the places that
You have called me. You bring strength to the
knees that are week. I can not do this on my own
no matter how often I think I can. Give me the
humility to ask for help and the openness to accept

In Jesus' Name we pray

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My Father-in-Law is one of my heroes. He has made HUGE investments in my life and in my ministry through the years. He believed in my and loved me when I was even lost. Caryl Martinez is an awesome man of God, an incredible Pastor, and a good friend. I say all of that to tell you that years ago he introduced me to a saying. "Keep the main thing the main thing." Over the years this phrase periodically has come back around and kept me in check. It is guardrails in my life, keeping me on the right path.

Keeping the main thing the main thing means:
  • Not getting ahead of God in tough situations.
  • Being a better Follower of Jesus than a Youth Pastor or Leader - not leading the Ministry of the Lord come before the Lord of the Ministry.
  • Remembering in is about Jesus changing lives, not how many people sit in seats.
  • Preaching the Gospel of Truth more than any fancy new sermon series.
  • It is about being real more than being relevant.
  • It is about being formed more than being found.
  • It is not about me at all.
This is what keeping the main thing means to me. What does that mean for you? How does that look in your life?

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 40:9-11

God of hope, remove any hinderances from You
in our lives. Let Your Word give us the strength
to stand during temptation. Where there is a
flicker of hope fan than flame. Where there is
people who have given up hope, show them
Your love again.

In Jesus' Name we pray...

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Going into the second week of Advent our prayers deepen a little bit. This week the candle that is lit in our hearts represent hope. All throughout this week maybe we can pause and take a deep breath and exhale the words, "Lord my hope and trust is in you and you alone."

This week no matter how busy or hectic our schedule becomes or how weary and tired our bodies begin to feel, we must remember where our hope is. Remember no matter how difficult the challenge we are facing our God is still in control. There is no situation that is hopeless or that He can not handle.

Remember that Christ in us and through us is the hope of the world. He chose us and commissioned us to spread His love and hope. This week be the candle of advent and share that hope with the ones that you love. Share that hope with people at your work or in your neighborhood. This week share that hope with a complete stranger, but whatever you do make sure you share hope.

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It was a crazy busy week that is honestly a blur.

Monday we had it out with Charter. Done with them, we are now apart of DirectTv world. So I have had limited internet connection this week.

Got to spend sometime this week with one of my heroes. A man that invested in me and my ministry years ago and now is a good friend.

Wednesday night was incredible as usual. Fulfill The Call out of Church At Chapel Hill in Douglasville, GA did an awesome job.

Went to a special called District Council on Tuesday. Man that was a long meeting. Got to hang with some of my friends so it was worth it.

We put up the Christmas Tree this weekend. Paige did an awesome job as usual. The Gordon house is ready for Christmas.

This week we laid out of speaking calendar for the first quarter of the year. Really excited about what God is doing in Thrive.

Next week is going to be crazy busy.

Excited about next Wednesday message, The Island of Misfit Toys: Where God chooses leaders.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 35

Father, You loved us so much You sent
Your Son to die for us. Help us show that
kind of love for those around us. Help us
to love without an agenda and serve without a
motive. Allow us to see people through Your
eyes and embrace them with Your grace.

May I not read Your Word and not act. Give
me the strength to be a doer. May I not just
stand idly by and let injustice take place.

In Jesus' Name we pray

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Bible Reading:

Psalm 33

Jesus our Lord, save us from our sins,
protect us from all danger, provide for us
in the dry and weary places. You alone
are Lord. Teach us to love each other as
You have loved us. May we show the same
love and mercy that You have shown to us.

Give me the strength to be the light in dark places.
Guide my steps, make Your plans my plans, Your
ways my ways. Help me walk in Your peace and
share it in the world around me.

In Jesus Name we pray

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Bible Reading:

Hebrews 6:13-20

Father, we need you more today than ever.
It is by your power that we are free. It is by Your
hand that we are rescued. May we walk in Your
freedom by Your power. May we help free others
like You have freed us.

Help me to trust in Your power and strength.
You are my refuge and safe place. You are my
protection and peace when life becomes overwhelming.
May I stand upon the Rock that is You.

In Jesus name we pray

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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 11:1-10

May my life today be filled with hope. May I live out
the grace that You have extended to me. May I learn
to trust you in any situation that I might face. As I
am on this journey remind me that You are all that
I need. You are my provider and my provision.

Give me the courage to listen to your voice and the
freedom to act on it. Break my heart for what breaks
your heart.

In Your Sons Name we pray,

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Bible Reading

Romans 8:18-27

Father, I thank you that where I am weak You are made strong.
It is in my shortcomings that you receive the glory. Forgive me of
my sins and free me from the things that bind my soul. In my
weakness I turn to you for help. Help me experience the joy of the
anticipation of the coming of Your Son.

Let me be changed and transformed by Your Word that I read.
Help me grow and bloom and live out the Word that is
changing the world.

In Jesus Name we pray


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