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Here are a couple New Year's Day Superstitions, some I have heard of and some I have not:

Wear New Clothes
People believe that one should wear new clothes on a New Year's Day. This would mean receiving more new garments during the year. Red clothing is preferred for New Year's Day since red is considered a happy colour and is sure to attract for the wearer a brighter future.

Avoid Crying
It is said that one should avoid breaking things or crying and wailing on the first day of the year, if you don't want to continue the pattern for the entire year.
Don't Let Money Leave the House

In several countries, people do not let money, jewelry, precious items or other invaluable things leave home on New Year Day. Hence it is said that one should not pay loans and bills or lend things to anybody. People go to the extent of not taking out garbage or even not dusting their carpets on this day to ensure that nothing goes out of home during the year. If you have to deliver presents on New Year morning, it is advised to leave them in the car since New Year Eve on December 31st. In case you must take something out from the home, let someone come with the present inside the home first.

Letting the Old Year Out
At midnight, all the doors of a house must be opened to let the old year escape unimpeded.

Stack Up Cupboards and Wallets
It is believed that cupboards stocked up with food and wallets and purses full of money bring prosperity in New Year. Similarly, empty pockets or empty cupboards on New Years Eve portend a year of poverty.

Do not Wash Dishes
In several societies washing dishes and doing laundry on New Year's day is said to lead to a death in the family during the year. Many people do not even wash hair on New Year day.
Eat Black-Eyes Peas

In Southern part of the United States it is said that eating of black-eyed peas on New Year's Day will attract both general good luck and money in particular to the one doing the dining.

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Change only comes when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

Everything comes with price. You can either pay the price up front or later.

Life is full of seasons. Nature does not fight seasons but we do. We can learn from whatever season that we are in. Every has a purpose.

Grace is free, trust is earned, integrity is built, character is developed, and all are important.

God is aware of me even when I am not aware of Him. You may loose yourself but God never looses you.

People that know your flaws and still choose to walk with you in life are priceless.

Never ask God to take something away that you are not willing to give up.

Your decisions and actions give voice to your priorities, you do not have to tell anyone what is important to you.

Unhealthy expectations only lead to disappointment and frustration.

You can only be a dreamer if you have a firm grip on reality.

Your words are one of the most powerful things on earth. They can either be used as a weapon or a tool. Choose them carefully.

Happiness is found in the simple things.

You can not do much about what is behind you anymore, but you can fight for the days ahead. Just keep rowing!

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Today I am praying and writing out my New Year's Resolutions. Although, I am called them goals. Every year this is something that I love to do. I reach about half of them each year, so I dream big. There is something I heard about 10 years ago that I have tried to live by. "If you aim for the moon, you may hit a star, but if you aim next door, you may hit that as well."

I am not sure what 2011 looks like. We never really now what each year holds and really can not control as much as we think we can. We may not control what happens around us but we can control how we act and react to each situation. So, today I will spend a lot of time looking into my own life and seeing what needs to be change and what I need to reach for.

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Christmas is over. A lot of people have already taking their decorations down. Radio stations are not playing Christmas music anymore. Stores are having after Holiday Sales. Everyone is gearing up to ring in 2011. A lot of people are ready to put 2010 behind them. Act like the year never happened. I understand. It has not been a banner year for me either. But to want to disconnect your future from your past is not smart. It is like a scuba diver going on a dive without his wet suit or oxygen tank.

You do not have to relive the events of this past year but you have to understand that they have contributed to help make you who you are. You would not be you without them. If you pretend that they did not happen you are saying that God is not in control and He is not taking what was meant for evil and destruction and turning it for good. He is not molding you and shaping you into who He has created you and called you to be.

The past prepares us for the future. What happened yesterday does not have to dictate what happens tomorrow but it can help guide us through it.

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There was a day after Christmas in the Bible. I wonder was it as disappointing as the 26th of December in our time? Our culture pushes and pushes Christmas Day so hard that we are let down the day after. What happens next? What do we do now? What is left? His story does not end with His birth. The story of Jesus actually is just beginning. It gets more exciting everyday. As a matter of fact, people still came and worshiped after that Blessed night.

As Christ followers we should not feel the after Christmas let down. We do not worship a day, we worship a Savior. Our culture may worship a holiday but we give our life to a King who still sits on His throne and whose Kingdom is still advancing today. For us Christmas is a special day, but so should everyday be.

December 25th does not mean a thing unless we live it out the other 364 days in the year.

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Isaiah 6:9, "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

To US a child is born, to US a son is given. To you and to me. Immanuel, God with us. He loved us so much that He refused to leave us alone. It was on this day that He showed us that He is not some distant far away God but a personal, loving Savior. This is the day that changed everything. The day that love came down and took on flesh. The day God said He could not be without us. The day that He gave us a choice again. Love and life became a viable option, a choice that we can make because love lived and died and defeated death. Everything change today because a child was born, because a son was given. To US!

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I pray that you have a great day with friends and family! Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Spending a couple days down in Adel, GA at my family's for Christmas. Love spendind time down here. I am reminded of how simple life is. A place where friends are family and tradition is important. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and the saving of the world. That is the meaning but it is also about family, tradtions, and love. Everyone should have some tradtions that they hold to every Christmas. My family has had them and yours should too.

Every Christmas Eve when we are down here we always go to Shoney's breakfast buffet. We are like the Klump's from the Nutty Professor but we have fun. Then we fix finger foods to munch on all day. There have been more through the years but as we have gotten older and moved away it has been harder to hold on to them.

Traditions are great and they help you hold on to memories. Sometimes they are memories you might need to let go of. You might need some new traditions this year for Christmas.

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When I was young we had a tradition in my family. At some point around Christmas my Grandma would take the Grandkids into the living room and read the Christmas Story. She would not only read it to us, she would charge us the responsibility of placing the figures in the Nativity Scene. It is one of my favorite Christmas memories and as a kid one of my favorite traditions. As I have grown older I have accepted the cookie cutter story. I knew the Wise Men did not come to Bethlehem and I knew it did not play out exactly like my Grandma's little Nativity but I never really pushed it. Here are some thoughts that I have had this season:

Mary was 13-16 years old. A teenager changed the world by saying yes to God. Wow. I truly believe that is the call on this generation today as well. God is looking for students who are willing to say yes to Him.

The Shepherds were the outcast and the forgotten. They heard the message from the Angels, they saw Jesus for themselves, they believed, and then they went and told. They went back into the town that rejected them and shared the story of Christ.

Emmanuel - God with us. God came down. He could have left us alone, but He loved us too much. Even when you would like for God to leave you alone, He will alway be pursuing us.

Look at Jesus' family history. His family was more jacked up that mine.

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This Christmas season has been fun. Getting to decorate a new house and watching lots of Christmas movies.

My favorite Christmas album this season is called This Warm December. It has Jack Johnson and other artist on it. It is really awesome.

Have not read like I have wanted to, but plan on changing that this week.

This past weekend we had friends over and really enjoyed hanging out and celebrating this season.

One of my favorite things this Christmas is buying gifts from The Jubilee Market. The gifts are made by young girls rescued from sex slavery. We decided if we were going to give gifts, we should give gifts that matter. I will put up links to different sights later on today.

This week I am just going to share some randomness on my blog about different things about this season. Things I am seeing different.

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Over the years I have been a part of a lot of Christmas plays. I can not sing and I can not act so I have never had a leading role. Actually I have never had more than one line. To be honest, I have always hated Christmas plays. As much as I have disliked all the plays, I loved the rehearsals. I loved hanging with my friends and laughing and goofing off. Most of the time I got in trouble but the rehearsals were fun.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a Christmas play knows the schedule. It starts the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and you rehearse and practice. The weekend of the event you have dress rehearsal. Everyone gets dress up and acts out their parts but it does not count. It is not the real deal.

The issue that we have with life is that we treat today like that. We act like today is a dress rehearsal for tomorrow. That is not the case. If you woke up with breath in your lungs and you are moving, TODAY COUNTS!

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It is December 1st. Like I said yesterday you can not stop time. Today is Wednesday and it is my favorite day of the week. It is GAME DAY BABY! It is the day when Thrive students come together and a community is formed. I love those students and am very proud and privileged to get to call myself their Youth Pastor. Tonight we are kicking off our new series "Christmas Conspiracy" with a conversation about Christmas and how lost the meaning really is.

Last night several of us decorated and it looked like Christmas threw up everywhere. I love it! There is nothing better to me that making memories. Writing names on ornaments, picking on each other, laughing about stupid lights that will not work, and taking it all in at the end. Memories made, hope renewed, joy found, laughter given, it was a great day. I am excited about this season, I am excited to take it all in. Christmas will throw up again at the Gordon House this Friday night. It will be an adventure!

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