2 John

1:4 - We love by walking in obedience to His commandments.
1:8 - Do not loose what you have worked for.
1:9 - Do not get ahead of God.

3 John

1:11 - Imitate good.


1:3 - Fight for the Faith.
1:16 - What do I follow?
1:21 - Keep yourself in God's love.
1:22 - Be merciful to those who doubt.
1:23 - Snatch others from the fire.

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For years in Youth Ministry I have prayed one prayer over and over, "Lord send us the students that no one else wants." On the surface there does not seem to be anything wrong with that prayer. Some would even say that it is a prayer that God would answer and be pleased with.

Recently God has burden my heart for students that are forgotten. I do not know what that really looks like yet, but I am pretty sure I will find out soon enough. I found myself praying and dreaming about future ministry and praying, "God, send us the forgotten students." I was all of a sudden overwhelmed with conviction. Why? Wasn't that what God wanted me to pray? Then it hit. The heart for the forgotten was in the right place, but my perspective was off. My prayer should be, "God send me to the forgotten students of this area."

God did not call us to sit back and wait, He calls us to go. He sends us, He directs us. Just a thought as we start a new week. Where does God want to send you?

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1 John

1:3 - We proclaim what we have seen and heard.
1:8 - Do we deceive ourselves?
1:9 - Confession is key.
1:10 - If we did not have sin in our life then we have no need of a Savior.

2:1 - Jesus has my back.
2:3 - Knowledge brings obedience.

3:1 - Does the world know me?
3:14 - Any one who does not love remains in death.
3:16 - This is how we know what love is...
3:17 - We have to help those in need
3:18 - Actions speak louder than words.

4:1 - Test every spirit - proof is in the fruit.
4:4 - Who is in me?
4:8 - God is love.
4:10 - Love is - He loved us first.
4:18 - Perfect love drives out fear.

5:2 - We show love by obedience.
5:12 - He who has the Son has life.

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This morning I sat at Starbucks on the patio and opened my journal and penned some thoughts I just wanted to share.

When we decrease programs we might just increase God.

Can we have big impact and small results?

We have to gauge success by eternal things not external things.

Eternal things come from internal growth.

The Kingdom of God is about changed people helping to change other people's life.

Teach with your actions, not with your lessons.

Your actions give voice to your priorities, not your words.

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1:2 - Grace and peace come through knowing God

1:3 - We have everything we need through knowing Him and His power.

1:12 - Sometimes we need to be reminded of the revelation that we already know.

1:21 - Prophecy comes from God and brings God glory.

2:9 - God knows how to rescue.

2:19 - You can not promise freedom when you are a slave.

3:9 - God is patient. I am grateful.

3:14 - What are you looking forward to?

3:17 - Guard what you believe.

3:18 - You can not only grow from grace and knowledge, you can grow in them.

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Over the last couple of months I have seemed to be listening to more podcast than ever. Not only more podcast but a wider variety of speakers from a lot of backgrounds. One thing that I have noticed is that I have not agreed with everything that has been said. Some I have just stopped and deleted and some I have just kept on listening to. So I began to start asking myself if I was wrong to keep listening? There was a part of me that thought if I did not agree with some of what they said that I should not listen to any of what they had to say. I was compromising. I wrestled with this for over a month.

Then one day I remembered one a very wise man once told me.....

On the essentials there must be unity
One the non-essentials there must be liberty
And in everything there must be love.

Essentials - Jesus was born of a virgin. He was the one and only son of God. He lived a perfect life on earth. He died on the cross. He rose from the grave. He ascending into Heaven. There is no other way to God except through Him.

Non-essentials - We must be baptized to make it to heaven. You have to speak in tongues to be saved. The tribulation is going to happen after the rapture.

Love - What good is it if we do not at least love even the people we disagree with?

What doesn't bend breaks. I am not compromising what I believe, I just choose not to disqualify a teacher when they say something I do not believe in. As long are we agree on the essentials.

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Just wanted to share some random thoughts from different verses. If you want to connect the dots a little bit you can read through 1 Peter.

1:3 - He gave it to us.

1:7 - Trials are to strengthen our faith.

1:12 - Even angels want to know about the grace of God through Jesus.

1:14 - We do not live in ignorance so stop acting ignorant.

1:19 - I was bought with a high price.

2:5 - I am just a stone in a large living structure.

2:12 - Proof is in the fruit.

2:16 - Freedom is not an excuse to sin.

2:20 - God does not honor suffering unless we are suffering for Him.

2:23 - He did not retaliate.

3:8 - Be compassionate and humble.

3:15 - Be prepared to give an answer for your life.

4:1 - Give me the attitude of Christ.

4:7 - To truly pray you have to have a clear mind and have self-control.

4:8 - Above all, love each other deeply

4:10 - Your gifts are to serve others - as a Follower of Christ, serving is not an option.

4:12 - Trials should not catch us off guard.

5:5 - Humility can be worn.

5:7 - How do I cast all my cares and anxieties on Jesus?

5:8 - My enemy wants to destroy me.

5:9 - I can resist by standing.

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We live in a "cause" minded world. Everywhere you look there is always a cause to give to, volunteer for, or be a part of. Our hearts are captured and stirred by a good cause. We want to work and be a part of a good cause. When we attach ourselves to a cause then we are truly a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. Causes are a wonderful thing, but a lot of times in the Church today we want to make Christ a cause. We want to group Him in the same category with Toms Shoes or Charity Water. Do not misunderstand me. These charities are fantastic and do awesome things, but my Jesus did not come to earth, die on the cross, and defeat death to just be labeled as a cause.

He is more than a cause......

These causes are great things and a lot of people live their life for them but Christ died for us. These causes change the circumstances for a lot of people, but Jesus came and changed our eternity.

Support causes, I believe in them and support them myself, but live for Christ.

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Sitting 12 hours Thursday in Anderson, SC listening to some of the greatest leaders in the church today, I had a thought.

The New Spring facility is amazing. State of the art, awesome. Not lacking anything. Every Pastors dream. This summer I visited North Point Church in Atlanta and it is the same way. There is a righteous jealousy that rises up. I would love to minister in those facilities. Then if you are not careful you start making statements like, "If I had these facilities I could do ministry like this." "This church is doing what it does because it has a building like this." I know, I made statements like this for years.

Then sitting there the other day it hit me. Long before these churches built their buildings they built a culture. A group of people that loved God and wanted to serve others. They strategically (built) molded and shaped attitudes to have a heart for people that are not following after Jesus. People that are dying and going to Hell. People that care about other people. A people that are the church not looking for a church.

The thing that hit me this morning is that long before these leaders built these buildings, long before they built these cultures, they allow God to build their hearts. That sat at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to mold and shape them how He wanted them to be. They dove into His Word and allow it to flow over their lives and in their life.

What are you and I allowing God to build in us?

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Yesterday I went with some friends up to Anderson, SC to New Spring for their first Leadership Conference. Heard some amazing speakers, some of the top younger leaders in the church. Here are some thoughts and quotes that I took away from the day...

  • If you are the only one in your church that can solve problems then you are the problem
  • We want God on our side and He is trying to get us on His.
  • People can know me and still go to Hell.
  • If you are not willing to be uncomfortable then you will end up becoming unfaithful.
  • Its hard to see God at 900 mph.

  • If you want God to use you greatly then you must be wounded deeply.
  • Everything can and will be used for God's glory and other's good.
  • Jesus did not suffer so we would not have to suffer. He suffered so that when we suffered we could be more like Him.
  • When you are not suffering you pursue your call, when you suffer you pursue Christ.
  • Preach not from your wins, but from your loses.
  • Religious people do not suffer, they cause others to suffer.
  • Preachers who never repent create a toxic culture.

  • Jesus did not die so we could come to church, but so we could be the church.
  • Reach out to the broken and you will always have an audience.
  • Church is more than a Christian prom.
  • Do not major on the minors.
  • Find the yes.
  • The bolder we get with the truth the bigger the impact we can make.
  • Are people talking more about props and programs or about Jesus?

  • The mean time - you are not where you used to be and not quite where you are suppose to be.
  • We live in a culture that is highlight oriented.
  • Stay in the boat.
  • Surround yourself with people that will help keep you in the boat.
  • Leadership is all about risk.
  • Delay does not mean denial.
  • Do not try to do too much in the"mean time."
  • When you have done all you can do - STAND.
  • If you want to brag on something brag on knowing God.
  • I want to see things I can not do on my own.
  • If you put my life story in Scripture does it look mediocre - Scripture is the standard of our faith.
  • When did culture start dictating what we believe?
  • Do we believe in the same God of the Bible?
  • Are we praying for boldness?
  • Sometimes you need to barrow a friend's faith.
  • God's past performance is the predictor of His future ability.
  • You can imitate people's faith but never mimic their miracles.
  • You do not need faith to finish, but to get started.
  • If your faith is in your faith then your faith will fail you.
  • There is nothing more powerful than a promise from God.
  • The church was never intended for church people.
  • Jesus liked people who was nothing like Him.
  • Big church is nothing - growing church is everything.
  • Its hard to hate people when you know their story.
  • Acceptance paves the way of influence.
  • Clear will alway defeat complexity.
  • Partner, do not pioneer.
  • Honor the important, do not protect it.
  • Error on the side of grace
It was 12 hours of awesomeness. One of the best leadership conferences I have ever been to.

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Spent some time in South GA this past weekend visiting my family. Love it down there, it is home gnats and all. Life seems to be a lot more simple there. No traffic, less hustle and bustle, and a lot of memories. While helping my Dad on Friday I had a thought. Nothing profound or life changing really. It is something that we all know.

Life is simple, we are complicated.

We loose sight about what life is all really about. We get confused and we let things get in the way.

Life is less about getting stuff and more about getting to know people. Relationships are all your really have in life. Stuff wears out and breaks, stuff gets old and falls apart, but it is friendship and relationships that get you through the tough times.

Life is less about you and more about helping others. When all we do is focus on us, we miss the real beauty of life. Others. Life is not about you. Helping other people helps us. Cheer on other people gets us to our own victories. A selfish person world gets smaller every day.

Life is less about the destination and more about the journey. It is not about where we are going, it is more about how we get there. It is more about what we learn and who we help along the way.

Life is less about normal and more about beauty. I really do not know that there is any normal in life. Life is unique just like people. When you understand that you fully understand its beauty.

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