This spring I have spent a lot of time working in my yards. I usually do not stress over the grass, the trees, the shrubs, and the weeds but for some reason this year is different. Maybe it is because the yard is mine, well it is mine and the banks. Maybe it is because the older I get the more I appreciate a well taken care of yard, or I find the work as an outlet. Maybe it is the fear of getting a citation from our HOA but whatever the reason I have put in more hours working on the lawn than ever.

The first part March I started spraying it with Weed-B-Gone. I actually started too late I think. The weeds just kept coming. By the time I had them under control there were all over the place. The weed killer took care of the issue and took care of it so well that I had dead spots all the place. It has taken me weeks and weeks to take care of those dead spots. Lots of turf builder and lots of water later it is almost back up to par.

Everything should be rocking and rolling but these little weeds keep popping up through our pinestraw in our flower beds. I have to pull them and spray them about every three or four days. If I did not they would get way out of hand. If I did not keep them under control they would choke out our shrubs and bushes. It is easier to handle it on this end that clean up if they get out of hand.

The same is true in our lives. Spiritually little things will creep into our lives. If left unchecked, these weeds will begin to choke us spiritually. If we do not catch them in time they will take over and when we finally clean it up, it will take some time to get everything back up to par. I hate weeds, but I hate what weeds do more than that. So I choose to deal with them now.

We have to examine our lives and take care of any weeds that might be there. It depends on how much time we have left our spiritual yards unchecked the amount of work that will need to happen.

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