Today is the axis that everything turns on for Jesus Christ and His church. One thing that is special about today is that it unifies all of the Church. It is does not matter if do not agree on anything else, we can agree on this. Whether you agree in sprinkling or getting dunked for baptism you agree that Jesus Christ is alive. No matter how you feel about the subject of the ability to loose your salvation or not, you agree that the grave could not hold our Savior. It does matter if you speak in tongues or do not believe that is still a gift that is available for today, you agree that the Son of God overcome death for us. We all agree on that one thing!

Too many times the Body of Christ is dysfunctional because we focus more on what disagree on more than what we agree on. A wise man told me one time, "In the essentials there has to be unity, in the nonessentials there has to be liberty, and in everything there has to be love." I am willing to rally around the fact that our God is not dead.

My God is not dead
He's surely alive
He's living on the inside
Roaring like a lion

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